Councilman Sid Robinson’s CONFLICT OF INTEREST & OUR SKYROCKETING WATER RATES + VIDEO CLIPS of 11/13 City Council Meeting!

Our Police Chaplin, Dr. Julius West, who is also Pastor of Sunergeo Christian Fellowship Church gave a lovely, meaningful and very appropriate opening prayer, CLICK FOR VIDEO. Based on that prayer and his delivery of it, our only opinion of him can be, that he is a class act and an asset to the City of Upland & The Upland Police Department. Very well done Sir, beautiful prayer, beautiful job and thank you for both! water 18


Next, Mr. Peter Kavounas, of the Chino Basin Water Master, which controls groundwater for an area that spans West of Upland to Fontana and down to Jurupa and Chino Hills, covering 235 square miles, gave a PowerPoint Presentation, VIDEO HERE. In it, he explained that the Water Master is an arm of the Superior Court, tasked with enforcing the 1978 Court Judgement regarding groundwater pumping and replacement, within the Chino Water Basin below.water 19

From the Council Communication Section, is Gino Filippi and Mayor Debbie Stone, VIDEO HERE ~ START IT AT 17 MINUTES, so you can hear Councilmen Filippi say about our Interim City Manager Martin Thouvenell, that he will be leaving in 7 weeks. Gino Filippi goes on to say that Marty has been extremely influential, he has helped the city council become the most productive it has ever been, Marty has helped City Employees and helped moved our city forward. And in the same VIDEO, at 19 minutes, Mayor Debbie Stone thanks our New Interim Police Chief and says, You’ve Got This!”

Next, our City Council VOTED to pass their Consent Agenda, with everyone voting to approve it, with the exception of Sid Robinson. VIDEO of Councilman Sid Robinson pictured below, abstaining from the VOTE, IS HERE. Please NOTE that abstaining from a VOTE, usually means you have a conflict of interest regarding that matter and therefore should NOT VOTE. 

water 7And now that the VIDEO IS LINKED, HERE, we can see that Councilman Robinson, couldn’t VOTE on Item A below and Item A, was Approval of Payroll Registers! 

water 20


water 21

Could it be Councilman Sid Robinson’s Associate and his former employer, Mr. Steve Lambert of Upland, WHO OUR CITY PAYS $3,500.00 A MONTH, TO AMONG THINGS, MONITOR UPLAND SOCIAL MEDIA?

water 22

In case you missed the list above of what Mr. Steve Lambert does for our city, that our property tax payments PAY HIM TO DO, IT’S BELOW. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO # 8; Conduct daily media and social media monitoring of Upland-related content. Provide counsel on responses. But the full list is below; 1. Meet weekly with City Manager, Mayor. 2. Communications with Council Members. 3. Provide strategic counsel throughout the month. 4. Provide support on revenue initiative. Set up consultation with consultant. Begin gathering quotes for polling re; budget. 5. Drafted Freshly Squared Oped. 6. Draft Daily Bulletin Oped. 7. Coordinate Healthy Communities Effort. 8. Conduct daily media and social media monitoring of Upland-related content. Provide counsel on responses.

Editors Note: What does “Provide Counsel on Responses” mean, in regards to what Mr. Steve Lambert does daily, in his duties to monitor Upland Social Media for Upland? Does that mean that he (Steve Lambert), who is being paid by our city monthly, to monitor Upland Social Media everyday, also “writes responses” for the City of Upland to post on Social Media? We really have no idea!

Hmmmmm……….. Steve Lambert, Steve Lambert, why does that name sound so familiar? Oh yeah…..Steve Lambert is the gentlemen, that the City of Upland, allowed to sit in on Closed Session City Council Meetings, that our San Bernadino County DA’s Office, spent months investigating our City Officials, for their Brown Act Violations! Oh and look, Steve Lambert even billed us for that HOT MESS! 

Water 29

His invoice says, “Prepare factual responses to misinformation and mischaracterizations described publicly by Councilmember Elliot regarding; Brown Act Rules.

If you still don’t remember, well then here are some articles to refresh your memories!

The Sid Robinson Investigation File

Installment Two: The Sid Robinson Investigation File

Why A Consultant Was Allowed at Upland’s Closed-Door Meetings

Robinson Denies Upland’s Contract With His Affiliate Constitutes A Conflict

Upland Cites Councilwoman’s Disruptiveness In Stripping Her Of Assignments

Upland Councilwoman Launches Complaint With DA About Closed-Door Meetings

DA Releases Findings in Upland Closed-door Meeting Allegations

DA Delivers Light Reproval To Upland City Council Over Brown Act Incursions

And since I have been a continual victim of the most intense social media campaign of cyber bullying, serial stalking, intimidation, defamation, where slanderous & libelous statements have been made about me, by associates and arm’s length employees of the City of Upland, I have always asserted, the amount of time that “someone” is putting into this type of activity, must be getting PAID BY OUR CITY! This subject is going to get its own Report Page, here.

However, the City Council Meeting Report from 11/13, continues below;

Interim City manager, Mr. Martin Thouvenell addressed his friend and co-worker of 26 years, Upland’s New Interim Police Chief, Douglas Millmore and stated that he was looking forward to working with Millmore, over the next 6 months, on UPD related issues.

water 15

Public Works Director, Rosemary Hoerning above, gave a PowerPoint Presentation about the San Antonio Water Company, (VIDEO HERE ~ Start At 12 Minutes), that Upland has a 71% ownership interest in, as the water company’s largest shareholder. She attempted to explain the reason for OUR HUGE WATER BILLS & OUR SKYROCKETING, WATER RATE HIKE!Water 2

Ms. Hoerning attempted to justify the City’s Water Rate Increase, that Upland Residents are seeing in their monthly water bills, that they are furious about and are publicly voicing their outrage on and elsewhere. Ms. Hoerning explained in the slide below, that the San Antonio Water Company supplies 43% of the drinking water for the City of Upland. Water 3

Rosemary Hoerning explained that since July 1st, 2017, our 1st Tier Water Rates have increased 17 cents, going from 51 cents to now 68 cents! And our 2nd Tier Water Rates have increased a WHOPPING 47 CENTS, jumping from $1.31 to $1.78! water 4

And seemingly unbelievable, this San Antonio Water Company, rate adjustment skyward, equals a 26% INCREASE IN COST of this MAIN UPLAND WATER SUPPLY SOURCE! Author’s Note; We must ask why it is NOT TIME, to buy more of our water, from 1 of the other 4 sources of water, that the City of Upland buys water from? Outlined in the 2nd slide, above. And why saddle us ALL, with the 1 Water Company out of the 5, whose water rates just jumped 26%? What are the RATES of the other 4 companies, for us to compare water rates for Upland Residents? For more articles about our Public Works Director, Rosemary Hoerning, please click here.

water 5

The Council also passed a Sign Ordinance Pertaining to Advertising Display Billboards, VIDEO HERE, hoping to reduce older billboards and replace them with Digital Signage via Electronic Billboards, instead.

water 8

And our newly appointed Police Chief Douglas Millmore below, fielded questions and made a compelling case for the need to purchase 80 New Axon Body Cameras for our Police Department, VIDEO HERE. Chief Millmore stated that our city’s older police body cameras, are faulty because of a 3 piece design component, consisting of a camera, a battery pack and a connection cable. Millmore said, “The weak point, is the cable connection, which comes loose in situations of physical exertion, yielding in no video being recorded.” The council voted to approve the purchase above in a vote of 5-0.

water 11

Next our City Clerk, who is also somehow, our City Deputy Manager, Ms. Jeanette Vagnozzi below, asked Council to Reauthorize, the City’s Public Education & Government Access Fee, VIDEO HERE, needed to continue to broadcast our bi-monthly City Council Meeting on cable television, as well as, via live streaming on our city’s website. The council voted unanimously to reauthorize the Educational Access Fee. For more articles about Clerk Vagnozzi, please click here.water 13

And finally, the meeting ending on a positive note, with a Public Comment made on the importance of organ donation by Mr. Daniel Luevanos of Chino, who is a liver transplant recipient. Mr. Luevanos is passionate about raising awareness regarding organ donation and giving back to the community in anyway he can.water 16

For more information, Mr. Luevanous can be found online at 


Got a comment, question or suggestion, we want to hear from you. Contact us below. 



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