Upland Resident, Who Monitors Upland Social Media Everyday, Is Being Paid $3,500 A Month, By The City of Upland! WHAT???

For everyone who is on any Upland Social Media, who has found their way here, you undoubtedly have seen what has happened to me on social media, in just the 3 shorts months since I joined social media in August. In fact, this website only exists because of how SICK & CRAZED our Upland Social Media is and I already have an article here, about Upland social media and the monitoring members our of community.


LINK to Map of Social Media Monitoring by Police Departments, Cities & Counties, Who Have Spent At Least $10K on Social Media Monitoring Software!

UPDATE 12/1 NEXTDOOR PUBLIC RECORDS: UPLAND MODERATORS (LEADS) ARE DELETING MEMBERS POSTS! And Nextdoor Members are reporting other Nextdoor Members to the UPD Nextdoor Administrator & asking for members to NOT be allowed to participate in the app! Explosive emails between the UPD Administrator & Nextdoor Agency Support, ARE HERE!

Many others and I, have seen our posts being deleted within mere seconds, by someone chicken-hawking the Upland Nextdoor Community Website. I have always believed that the amount of time somebody locally is spending, trying to control all of the Upland social media sites & the residents using them, are definitely being paid by the City of Upland, to do so. In fact, on 10/23 I filed a Public Records Request, asking for any RECORD our City has regarding the Upland Nextdoor Community Website.

But of course our Clerk Jeannette Vagnozzi, has NOT answered that REQUEST within the 10 statutory days she had to do so and instead, she has given herself an extra 30 days. I requested these PUBLIC RECORDS because I have been a target of the most intense social media campaign of cyber bullying, serial stalking, intimidation, defamation, having slanderous & libelous statements being made about me that are too many to count, by associates, arm’s length employees & independent contractors, of the City of Upland.

Where pictures of our home, that WERE NOT OUR PICTURES and are NOT even available on Google Maps, with the DISTANCE MARKED TO THE SQUARE FOOT, that our home is away from 1 of the 2 Upland Directional Transmitting Antennas behind our house, with a scaled line drawn, depicting where the radiation is entering our home, have been posted on social media! This means my home address and quite possibly a picture of our home that we have NEVER had, have been leaked by the City of Upland! We don’t even get mail at our home address, because of the mail box crime wave in Upland, where criminals steal resident’s mail to commit identity theft! 

And if I wanted our home address in Upland posted on social media, I would have posted it there myself. But instead a faceless stranger, posted this and we have 2 young adult daughters living there. I have been so concerned at times, I have even threatened to report this stalking type of insanity to the Upland Police Department, in my social media posts replying to whatever whack-job with bona fide connections to the City of Upland, was stalking and harassing me, at that second. 

To give you a glimpse of the insanity that takes place on Upland social media, I joined Nextdoor’s Upland Community Website on 8/1/17 and 5 days later on 8/7/17, I was completely locked out of the site. And from Public Records surrendered, we now know on 8/4 a Lieutenant with the Upland Police Department sent an email to Nextdoor Agency Support, saying an ND Member reported a disruptive member to him, who was annoying people and they wanted that ND Member removed from participating on Nextdoor. The POLICE Lieutenant wanted to know, how ND Members could participate in removing an unwanted ND Member.

And on 8/7, Nextdoor Agency Support replied to UPD saying, “LEADS HAVE THE ABILITY TO REMOVE CONTENT FROM THE NEWSFEED.” READ EMAILS, HERE! And since then, I have been locked out 6 more times from 8/1/17 to 10/22/17. And now, I am waiting out a 90 day suspension from Upland Nextdoor, for posting on 10/22 the Public Hearing Notice / Poll Question below, about a Cell Tower being VOTED on by City Council, to be built in an Upland Children’s Playground! The Nextdoor Members in Upland watched as the post below, was deleted within mere seconds on a weekend, when Nextdoor Corporate is closed!


Then at the Public Hearing on 10/23, our City Clerk Jeannette Vagnozzi REFUSED to read into the RECORD and to our City Council, a letter from me asking our council to VOTE AGAINST THIS TOWER, BEING BUILT THERE! And on Nextdoor, there is a group of Upland Residents who are MONITORS called Neighborhood LEADS! THESE NEIGHBORHOOD LEADS, ARE CONTINUALLY DELETING UPLAND RESIDENT’S POSTS, THEIR PROFILES, THEIR WORK PRODUCT AND ARE LOCKING THEM OUT OF THE SITE, by escalating BOGUS REPORTS!

And the senselessness of this is so insane, it is hard to even describe. Such as, my post below, that the UPLAND LEADS used to lock me out of the site on 10/22 when another Nextdoor Member asked me, if I knew a city employee and said, “April, do you know who Tom H. is, Eric G’s boss and do you know what Tom H does, for the City of Upland?” And I said, “I have absolutely no idea who that person is or what he does, for the City of Upland. But I want to give everyone on this thread, my email address and my phone number.” And my polite answer was reported as hurtful and then that report was escalated by the UPLAND LEADS, which deletes the post and gets you banned. Then you get an email from Nextdoor Corporate Support, telling you what had been reported.


And the reason I have the screenshots of these posts, is because Upland Nextdoor is so hostile, a large percentage of members, have to take screenshots of every post they make, to be able to appeal our UPLAND LEADS decisions and try to regain access to the site. And while this is an on-going problem for countless Upland Residents EVERYDAY, IT IS WORKING GREAT FOR THE CITY OF UPLAND! And on Upland Nextdoor there are 54 Neighborhoods in Upland, which all Nextdoor members are supposed to be allowed to post in all 54 neighborhoods.

But on Nextdoor, posts are restricted by the Upland Monitors, to just the 1 immediately neighborhood of the “unwelcome members like myself” instead of all 54. And while any post I made or even if I tried to just answer a simple question was reported, escalated and then I was banished, the Upland City Cronies are allowed to say absolutely unreal things to other members. And they go completely unchecked, un-escalated and are NEVER BANNED! And then the City Cronies and the LEADS, who harass people on Nextdoor, follow members over to Facebook and continue their harassment of them, there. 

With all of my problems using Nextdoor, I became a Facebook Member on 8/15/17 during my first Nextdoor ban and I joined 8 Upland Facebook Group Pages. However, I was locked out of Facebook too, immediately after posting a review of our city, on Upland’s Facebook Page! I had to submit my driver’s license to regain access to my account. Once I had access again, I made the mistake of answering a question someone asked me about my review of Upland, on Upland’s Facebook Page and I was immediately locked out of Facebook again.

And that was just the first 3 weeks, of my only 3 month Facebook Membership! Then I was reported 3 more times, as having a FAKE FACEBOOK PROFILE. I have had to submit my driver’s license to Facebook 4 times, to regain access to my account. And the time I have been locked out of Facebook, is equal to the amount of time, I have had access to my Facebook account. And I have lost weeks of my life, appealing to both Nextdoor & Facebook, to regain access to my accounts. And when my Upland social media accounts have been active, I have lost weeks of my life, defending myself in Upland, for saying that the City of Upland and their improperly installed transmitting directional antennas, aimed directly into our home, have made me sick!

And because of how affiliates & associates of the City of Upland, HAVE TARGETED ME & OTHERS on social media and immediately attack anyone, who even has the smallest criticism of our Upland Leadership, I AM MORE THAN INTENSELY INTERESTED, IN THIS ISSUE! BUT FOR THE RECORD, I HAVE NEVER, EVER SAID THAT ANYONE WITH THE 20/20 NETWORK, NOR MR. STEVE LAMBERT, HAS EVER HARASSED ME! Because to the best of my knowledge, they haven’t! And I don’t personally know this person and I have NEVER had any interaction with this person, that I know of! And the only reason I even know WHO THIS PERSON IS & WHAT THEY ARE BEING PAID TO DO BY THE CITY OF UPLAND, IS BECAUSE OF THE DOCUMENTS I RECEIVED ON 11/15/17. 

And those documents are VERY INTERESTING! They contain PAID INVOICES from our City for services rendered by THE 20/20 Network and it’s principal, an Upland Resident, named Steve Lambert. And as you can see from Councilmen Sid Robinson’s business webpage for Sid’s Public Relations Company, he lists THE 20/20 Network as his former employer in 2014. And Councilman Sid Robinson on Monday, November 13th, 2017, just had to abstain from a VOTE about our City’s Payroll because he had a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

And if THE 20/20 NETWORK & STEVE LAMBERT are starting to sound vaguely familiar to you, you may remember the name Steve Lambert as the individual that the City of Upland allowed to sit in on Closed Session City Council Meetings, that our San Bernadino County DA’s Office, just spent months investigating our Officials, for their Brown Act Violations! Articles of that debacle are below;

The Sid Robinson Investigation File

Installment Two: The Sid Robinson Investigation File

Why A Consultant Was Allowed at Upland’s Closed-Door Meetings

Robinson Denies Upland’s Contract With His Affiliate Constitutes A Conflict

Upland Cites Councilwoman’s Disruptiveness In Stripping Her Of Assignments

Upland Councilwoman Launches Complaint With DA About Closed-Door Meetings

DA Releases Findings in Upland Closed-door Meeting Allegations

DA Delivers Light Reproval To Upland City Council Over Brown Act Incursions

water 22

And in case you couldn’t read the list above, regarding what our city pays Mr. Steve Lambert to do, it’s below. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO # 8. Conduct daily media and social media monitoring of Upland-related content. Provide counsel on responses. But the full list is; 1. Meet weekly with City Manager, Mayor. 2. Communications with Council Members. 3. Provide strategic counsel throughout the month. 4. Provide support on revenue initiative. Set up consultation with consultant. Begin gathering quotes for polling re; budget. 5. Drafted Fresh Squeezed Oped. 6. Draft Daily Bulletin Oped. 7. Coordinate Healthy Communities Effort. 8. Conduct daily media and social media monitoring of Upland-related content. Provide counsel on responses.

These PAID INVOICES are in the amount of $3,500 a Month. And Mr. Steve Lambert of The 20/20 Network with an Upland address of his letterhead and website, is being PAID BY OUR CITY TO AMONG THINGS, MONITOR UPLAND RELATED SOCIAL MEDIA DAILY and then provide his counsel to our city regarding what he thinks, our city’s responses should be! Or at least that is what I believe, that sentence says.

water 21

And yes, that’s a $3,500 CHECK! 

Unfortunately the horrible problems with Upland’s social media, have troubled me greatly long before learning that Steve Lambert, was being paid to monitor it. Because while I am a resilient person, I have been very concerned about other Upland Residents on Nextdoor & Facebook, who are being bullied and harassed so badly in Upland, THAT I HAVE FEARED THAT SOMEONE MAY END UP KILLING THEMSELVES, IN UPLAND, OVER UPLAND’S HOSTILE SOCIAL MEDIA PROBLEM! In fact, I went as far as writing Nextdoor Corporate Support on 10/23/17 and explained my concerns to them! 

“Dear Nextdoor Corporate Support,

Your members are codependent, afraid, they are being verbally abused, blocked, banished, harassed, defamed, slandered and cyber bullied to such an extent, I am truly concerned that someone is going to commit suicide, because how they are being treated on ND. Why are you NOT doing anything about this? I have reported 2 Fake Profiles to ND, just within the last 2 weeks. In addition, the same “hurtful members” who are doing this on ND are also doing this on FB. Including your ND LEADS.”

And instead of Upland Nextdoor, being what your website states is, “A place where neighbors can organize and take action,” it is the place, where community organization is impossible, where censorship as bad or worse than China or North Korea exists. Members trying to organize are locked out of the site. Member’s private messages are being read by Nextdoor and what exists now, is either entrapment or a blatant attempt to deny Upland Residents due process, notification of current Upland events and it is frankly, the most unhealthy and hostile environment, I have ever seen in my entire life!

And on the same day, I sent the Public Records Request below to the City of Upland, requesting any records our city has about the Upland Nextdoor Website. 

“Dear Clerk, City Manager, Mayor, City Attorney and City Council Members,

I am requesting all records regarding Nextdoor.com, including any UPD records, budgets, payments made and to whom, notes, electronic databases, lists, files, independent contractor’s agreements, reports, internal emails, notifications, digital files, names, etc., to include absolutely any and everything that exists that the City of Upland has and furnish those records to me, within the 10 statutory days, that you have to compile those records and surrender them.”  Sent 10/23/17

But in light of the documents I just received on 11/15/17, I must now resubmit that Unanswered Public Records Request above, to read;

“Dear Clerk, City Manager, Mayor, City Attorney and City Council Members,

I am requesting all records regarding Steve Lambert & The 20/20 Network, including any budget line items and payments made and when. As well as, any record of “His Counsel Regarding His Suggested SOCIAL MEDIA Responses” made by Steve Lambert or anyone with The 20/20 Network, to including all notes, suggestions and suggested responses, any electronic databases, lists, files, Independent Contractor’s Agreements, internal emails, notifications, digital files, names, etc. To include absolutely any and everything, that exists that the City of Upland has for, by and between with Mr. Steve Lambert and/or The 20/20 Network and furnish those records to me, within the 10 statutory days, that you have to compile those records and surrender them. Thank you.”

The last thing I want to say regarding this issue, is that I am NOT accusing Mr. Steve Lambert or anyone with The 20/20 Network of any wrongdoing! I merely received Records on 11/15/17, that should be PUBLIC RECORDS and SHOULD BE SURRENDERED BY OUR CLERK JEANNETTE VAGNOZZI. However, I have been so completely unsuccessful in the past getting any Public Records from the City of Upland, that nearly all my 70 prior Public Records Requests, have NEVER been answered, AT ALL!

And as someone who has been actively trying to get PUBLIC RECORDS from OUR CITY, REGARDING WHO IS MONITORING UPLAND’S SOCIAL MEDIA FOR UPLAND, this appears to be a piece of that puzzle. And if it is, it is my sincere hope that Mr. Steve Lambert will go on THE RECORD, to answer the completely legitimate questions raised by the discovery of HIS RECORDS, REGARDING HIS DAILY MONITORING OF UPLAND SOCIAL MEDIA. As clearly, most people in Upland agree, that there is something seriously wrong with Upland’s Social Media. And we now have the following questions below;

  1. Do you indeed monitor Upland social media, on behalf of the City of Upland?
  2. If so, what Upland social media sites, do you monitor daily, for the city?
  3. How do you preform this duty of monitoring Upland social media sites?
  4. How long have you monitored local social media for the City of Upland?
  5. What reports do you send to our city giving them your counsel, pertaining to the responses you would advise them to make, on social media?
  6. Does anyone else assist you, in motoring Upland social media everyday?
  7. Do you ever respond to any Upland Residents on social media, while you are doing your daily monitoring of Upland social media sites?
  8. Do you have any ability to censor Upland Residents on Nextdoor or Facebook?
  9. Are you a moderator on any Social Media Sites?
  10. Do you use any social media profiles, that are in any other names, besides your own?
  11. Does your wife, who works for The 20/20 Network according your website, assist you in monitoring Upland social media, everyday?
  12. How do you communicate and to whom do you communicate, what you have found when monitoring Upland social media?
  13. Do you report what you have found & your suggested replies, after monitoring Upland social media everyday, to our City Manager & our Mayor, during your weekly meeting with them?
  14. What does our city tell you to do, when you discover that Upland is being talked about negatively, on Upland social media?
  15. Do you ever interact with Upland Residents, while you are in the act of surveilling & monitoring Upland social media sites?
  16. Have you ever, when in the act of monitoring Upland social media, surveilled me?
  17. Would you like it, if you & your family were being surveilled & monitored when using Upland social media, by Independent Contractor’s who ARE being paid by the City of Upland, to do so?
  18. Will you provide your Upland social media reports to the public, now that you are aware that a Public Records Request, has been filed, asking for those?
  19. How many hours everyday, do you or any of your associates spend, monitoring Upland social media?
  20. Your motto on your website is, “We Change The Conversation,” how do you do that, for the City of Upland, on Upland social media?


These addition questions below have been submitted, from the largest Upland Facebook Group Page, being Upland UNCENSORED, who has over 4,000 Members. The Admin of that page, having read the Invoices for the Daily Social Media Monitoring of Upland’s Social Media, adds his concerns and questions on this topic, below;

“Some Questions I would Like You To Add To The Interrogation:”

1. Which social media profiles have been used for monitoring or other covert social media activity?                                                                                                                                     2. Has Upland UNCENSORED! been monitored?
3. What countermeasures have been employed to mitigate undesirable discussion? (i.e., trolling, misinformation, personal attacks, fake news)?
4. Are all operations in compliance with the Terms Of Service of the respective social media platforms?
5. Are monitoring operations being conducted from normal user accounts, or have social media platforms provided accounts with elevated privileges as they might for law enforcement or intelligence operations?
6. What kinds of things would they prefer people say, and not say, on social media?
7. Whose reputations are they guarding specifically?
8. Are their operatives admins or moderators in any Upland groups or pages? If so, which and who?


 And finally, if or anyone would like to make a comment or ask a question, please use the contact form below. And thank you very much.


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