Upland Home Used As An Illegal Marijuana Grow House With Property Damage In The Thousands & No Charges Filed Against The Criminal Tenants?

Upland has some real problems and if you were to poll Upland Residents on what they think the most pressing issues are, at the top of the list would be the lack of code enforcement regarding transients and illegal marijuana activities. Case in point, what is Upland going to do about one resident’s horror story, when after evicting a tenant for nonpayment, the homeowners walked into this!



And worse than that, is according to social media posts, “The owner was told PD would not do anything because of politics and the case would not go anywhere.”

But this story has already gone somewhere, which is to the nightly news on Channels 527 & 4 , who all filmed segments which aired on 11/28 & 11/29!

Grow House 5

A link to the Channel 52 segment is HERE and even in Spanish, you can get an idea of this story & what happened to this beautiful 5 bedroom Upland Home

Grow House 6

And a neighbor, who just happens to have former law enforcement experience in the narcotics divisions of other departments, has now enlisted the help of Upland City Councilwoman Janice Elliott! And Elliott has promised to take this issue directly to our Interim City Manager Martin Thouvenell, who was once the Chief of Police in the now Ungracious City of Upland! 

Upland Officials

And our fingers are crossed, hoping that our City Manager Martin Thouvenell, will ALLOW UPD to file charges against the tenants, through his close relationship with our new Interim Police Chief Douglas Millmore.  As Millmore was Thouvenell’s hand picked appointee for Interim Police Chief and Millmore took control of the department on 11/6/17.  Millmore and Thouvenell have been friends for a quarter century and all politics should be set aside, so that code enforcement, CAN PROCEED! 

And The Upland Report, has forwarded a link to this story to Reporters at the Daily Bulletin, The Sun, The Sentinel & In.Brief.newsSO THE HEAT IS….. ON! 


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