In just the last year, Upland Mayor Debbie Stone, has voted for items which may ultimately bankrupt the City of Upland. And residents have over 250,000 reasons, to want to RECALL HER! Upland simply can’t afford another 2.7 years of STONE-WALLING!
Recall StoneLet’s break it all down, shall we and then we’ll discuss what recalling Stone this year, entails and what you can do to help liberate Upland and end this oppressive regime.

The 250,000 Reasons To Recall Upland Mayor Debbie Stone

LINK: Stone voted to turn our Fire Department over to San Bernadino County and by doing so, she exposed Upland to hundreds of thousands, more likely, multi-millions of dollars in legal fees. That is because Upland residents and our neighbors living in San Antonio Heights are suffering taxation through annexation, without representation, or a VOTE. (April 2017)

Which seems to be Stone’s specialty, as now she has doubled down this travesty strategy, on over 55,000 Upland Residents. And residents of Upland and San Antonio Heights are rightfully suing our city! Nearly worst of all, Upland gave San Bernadino County, an Indemnification Agreement, committing to pay all of San Bernadino County’s legal bills, in the event Upland’s Fire Department transaction, is unwound legally in the court battle, which is raging towards trial this August, after motions to dismiss by Upland, were denied!

+ 55,041   

LINK: Stone voted for an election schedule scheme, allowing 55,041 Upland Residents to be grossly under- represented on Upland’s City Council now, until 2021 and out of those, 18,050 Upland Residents have no representation at all. (October 2017)

  + 108,000 

LINK: Stone voted to give her good friend, Martin Thouvenell, upon his leaving City Hall, another $108,000 of taxpayer money, in a no-bid, sweetheart deal, consulting contract, which continues to pays him $9,000 for every month in 2018. (December 2017)

   + 36,000   

LINK: Stone allowed Martin Thouvenell, before he left City Hall, to renew their good friend Eric Gavin’s no-bid, sweetheart deal, consulting contract, which pays him $3,000 a month and $36,000 a year. Both Thouvenell & Gavin are past candidates for Upland City Council but lost. (December 2017)

 + 42,000 

LINK: Stone allowed Martin Thouvenell, before leaving City Hall, to renew Councilmen Sid Robinson’s good friend & former employer’s no-bid, consulting contract, which pays another Upland resident, $3,500 every month and $42,000 a year. And he is being paid to monitor all Social Media Sites everyday, for the City of Upland and to handle their public relations nightmares, like this web-page. (December 2017)

 + 4.6   

LINK: Stone voted to take 4.63 acres of Memorial Park and turn it into a parking structure, without holding a Public Hearing or noticing any Upland Residents. (March 2018)


LINK: Stone denied residents their right to a Special Election, allowing them to VOTE yes or no, on sacrificing 11% of public park property, to become a private parking structure.  (March 2018) 

+ 1

LINK: Stone denied residents a Special Election, allowing them to VOTE yes or no, on whether they wanted to change their at-large, citywide voting method used to elect their City Council Members and change to a district based voting system, with 4 new district quadrants, drawn on an Upland Street Map. (August 2016)

 + 1 

LINK: Stone denied residents a Special Election, allowing them to VOTE yes or no, on whether the city could raise their residential water rates again, for another 5 years by 57% starting May 1st, 2018 until 2022/23. This on top of 5 previous years of annual water rate hikes, from 2013-2018. (April 2018)

 + 1

LINK: Stone will VOTE Monday night, April 23rd, 2018, to raise residential water rates again by another 57%.

 + 9,500

Stone, when opting to deny residents a Special Election and a VOTE, whether or not Upland can raise their water rates again by another 57% on April 23rd, 2018, (LINK) Stone FORCED residents within 42 days to do the impossible, which was to submit 9,500 very specific and detailed PROTEST LETTERS to City Hall, to attempt to STOP Stone from raising their water rates again on 4/23/18.

+ 1

Stone, allowed this exact same PROTEST LETTER TACTIC to be used, (LINK) instead of allowing the residents to have a Special Election and VOTE, on whether or not Upland could give our 111 year old tradition, of having an Upland Fire Department, plus all the firehouses, to San Bernadino County.

And even worse, the REAL “UN-ELECTED” MAYOR OF UPLAND, MARTIN THOUVENELL, in signing the application for the Upland Fire Department Annexation, according to The Sentinel,

“Represented himself as the “proponent,” and listed himself as the agent of the city to receive all of the related notices and other communications. In connection with the application he signed a document which states:

As the proponent, I acknowledge that annexation to the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District may result in the imposition of taxes, fees, and assessments existing within the city or district on the effective date of the change of organization. I hereby waive any rights I may have under Articles XIII C and XIII D of the state constitution (Proposition 218) to a hearing, assessment ballot processing or an election on those existing taxes, fees and assessments.”

In this way, Thouvenell, on behalf of the taxpayers of Upland, signed away the rights the residents of Upland are accorded under the California Constitution in those articles and he directly and indirectly assumed all liability for violations of the Constitution, even as, in his capacity as city manager, he is indemnified by the residents of the city under the terms of his contract. In other words, by his action in signing the waiver, Thouvenell preempted, or sought to preempt, forever the ability of Upland’s residents to assert those Constitutional rights.” 

Please see The Sentinel’s full explosive article entitled, Upland City Manager Waived Residents’ Rights To Vote On Assessments, HERE!



Folks, aspects of all of the above, went down during just this last year! And Upland has to survive this, let alone try to thrive in this until 2021, under this defunct and oppressive failed leadership, unless we can ban together now, to do something about it. And most unfortunately, when Upland residents have tried to speak to our city council about these glaring problems, they get MAYOR STONE-WALLED, they get their microphones turned off, they get threatened with arrest, removal and misdemeanors, both young and old alike!

Rates 20

It is absolutely disgusting!!! And when we write to our City Council Members, they NEVER respond EVER, except for Janice Elliott from District 2, who is treated as horribly, as disrespectfully and as poorly, as the residents are, by the four other Council Members. Please keep in mind when watching the 4 part video below, that Councilwoman Janice Elliott is a former Ernst & Young, CPA. The other 4 Councilmembers being Debbie Stone, Sid Robinson, Gino Fillippi and Carol Timm, were furious with Elliott for looking in their cooked books and they stripped Elliott of all of her committee assignments, for doing so! Those 4 are the most defunct cast of circus characters, that I have ever seen and this is how Upland functions, everyday!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

And this Mayor Stone is no mastermind, so let’s not get that twisted. She didn’t come up with all of the all by herself. She just lacks integrity and courage and has allowed herself to be used like a hand-puppet, by the Kingpin, that Upland is still paying after he has retired, twice. And now it certainly appears, that he is still running Upland from the comfort of his own home and being paid a monthly fortune, to do so. It is so incredible what has happened to our city and it is simply diabolical, in my opinion. 

And Stone has some hand-puppets too, being the 3 other council members, who vote with her on all things, always. In fact, I have never seen 1 of those 3 ever, not do her bidding and vote with her! And while I would LOVE to see them all RECALLED NOW, for just their voting records alone, the other 3 have term’s expiring this year and all of them, are currently running for re-election right now. Therefore, they are not eligible to be recalled now.

And this isn’t the same playing field that elected them. In fact, it is so radically changed and different, they might as well be blindfolded running for re-election. As these 4 new districts, with only local voting, put their fate in a few thousand people’s hands, instead of 38,700. Some of these races this year, will be decided by as little as 1,600 voters, most of whom, these officials have never catered to before and instead, have flatly ignored for years. And this year is a game changer like no other in Upland’s history, as this is the first time in history, that Upland has ever redistricted it’s city council.

And we need to elect a new voting majority so badly, it is like a patient on life support. The 4 council members that all vote together, every single time on everything, need a reality check. The only independent person on council, the 5th member, will be on council until at least the end of 2020 and hopefully until 2022, so we only need to keep her in office and elect 2 more independent people and Upland changes immediately and by the end of this year. 

And if that happens, the readers of The Upland Report, will all be invited to a celebration because we’ll all deserve one! And if we elect 3 or 4 more independent people this year, the likes of Disney or Vegas wouldn’t even do that justice because it would be like winning a revolution because that’s exactly what this is!

These local races in Districts 2, 3 & 4 in 2018, are liberation movements. And the recall of Mayor Stone is long overdo. So what can we do? If you are reading this now, you are doing it. Everyone needs to forward this to as many people in Upland that they know. Because no one wants this to be happening in our city, it is just most people don’t know this is happening. We also need to learn what districts we live in and educate others and join the District Facebook Group Pages below, associated with The Upland Report.Real Deal

Click Map Link, Zoom In On Address, Locate District & Join; 

UPLAND DISTRICT 1https://www.facebook.com/groups/332831973888091/

UPLAND DISTRICT 2: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1518349964951927/

UPLAND DISTRICT 3: https://www.facebook.com/groups/137572487045822/

UPLAND DISTRICT 4: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1943168875697538/

These Facebook District Group Pages, are where we are building cohesive teams of residents, who are deeply concerned about many of these issues and their districts. And our District Group Pages, are like hospital triage units, focusing on what needs to be done in our individual districts and when do we need to do it by. Because most of the issues above, we have only ever learned about on a Thursday night, when our city publishes its council meeting agendas and those items are voted on 3 days later. Because Upland doesn’t disclose the time of day, without a Public Records Request and even then, 99 times out of 100, they still won’t disclosure a thing.

Now, let’s learn about the RECALL PROCESS FOR AN ELECTED OFFICIAL, to understand what a major undertaking this is and how vitally important some local Rock Stars, AKA Valued Volunteers are, who will make all the difference in the world and can make this a reality, instead of a pipe dream. Because no one can do this by themselves. And if your inner Rock Star wants to offer a little bit of time towards the recall, or if you want to sign the recall, please email The Upland Report here, so we can add your contact info to the Possibility Party Train. And thank you all for your time, deep consideration and contemplation, in advance.


We need 10 residents to sponsor recall.

We have 120 days to collect 7,743 signatures needed (being 20% of the 38,715 registered voters In Upland).

Note: Once District Elections begin, recall signatures needed to recall a councilperson from a specific district, will be reduced to just 20% of the registered voters, in that district! The only exception is our at-large Mayor.

The Registrar of Voters (ROV), will have 30 days to sample signatures, to certify they are actual registered voters and then issues the Certificate of Sufficiency to Upland.

Upland has 14 days after receiving the Certificate of Sufficiency from the Registrar of Voters, to Issue an Order stating that an election will be held, to determine whether or not the officer named in the petition shall be recalled.

Recall election is schedule between 88 days after Order, but no more than 125 days after Order.

Timeline120 days to collect signatures + 30 days to certify them + 14 days to order recall election + 88 to 125 days to schedule recall election = 289 days and is 9.6 months worse case scenario, if recall is schedule as far out as possible, by current council being 125 days after Upland issues the order!

If we started NOW, Recall Election is January 2019.

(However, time could be saved by collecting the 7,743 signatures needed before 120 Days, by developing targeted walking lists of registered voters in each District and if timed correctly, Stone’s Recall Election could be on the November General Election Ballot in 2018!)

Another effective way to collect the 7,743 signatures needed, is to setup signing canopies in retail parking lots at various locations throughout Upland and drive traffic there, by social media postings and live streaming these events on Facebook.

Declaration of Candidacy (for any alternative candidates) must be filed not less than 75 days prior to the date of the election but not before, the day the order for the election is issued.

If a majority vote YES on a recall election, the Mayor is removed. And the alternative candidate who receives the highest number of votes, is the New Mayor of Upland, for the unexpired term, of Debbie Stone.

Anyone interested in learning more about this process and/or, should a recall be initiated and should anyone wish to participate or sign the RECALL PETITION, please MESSAGE US HERE. And thank you all so very much for your careful consideration! And please read this article; How Did Upland Get In This Bad Of Shape, for more information!

Upland Games 1



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