If The Upland City Council Meeting On May 29th, Had Been 100 Years Ago, This Would Have Been A Public Hanging Hearing, And Councilwoman Janice Elliott Would Be Dead!

With an agenda set to publicly humiliate, shame and punish Upland City Councilwoman Janice Elliott, you’d think Upland residents would have been quasi prepared for some of what transpired at the public witch hunt that lasted all night, with residents finally returning to their homes at nearly midnight! But there are simply no words to even describe the events that took place at the May 29th, Upland City Council Meeting. However, I’ll try my best to summarize the carnage below.

For the first time in my life, I saw how and why human beings used to be publicly hanged. If this meeting were a 100 years ago, Janice Elliot would have a burlap sack over her head and would still be swinging. I saw a woman who is so cold and ruthless, if this were another century I can image her pulling a lever from her throne, to drop the floor out from under the legs of her enemies, to watch them hang! I am unsure how a woman can lack all compassion and be completely unmoved from hours of testimony and facts, yet remain as cold as ice. I seriously felt like I was watching a scene from the Tutors before they cut off someone’s head!

Maybe being cold and unfeeling is a trick of the trade that Debbie Stone learned in the Funeral Home Business but personally, I have never seen a woman exhibit or be capable of such coldness, ever. And it would have given any warm blooded American the chills. And one such American, attended the council meeting to only take a photo with a CERT volunteer and had no idea what was even on the agenda. She also had no clue who her City Council Member was, nor which district she lived in, prior to the meeting. She knew none of the Upland City Council Members and is a relatively new resident of Upland.

However, she did happen to be a retired Foreign Service Agent, having served our County overseas under the direction of plural Presidents and she was so shocked by what was happening, she stayed and spoke to our city council. She went into great detail to explain to our council members, that their attempt to censure a fellow councilwoman, reminded her of Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and the Arab Spring Events. She was so taken aback by what our city council was doing, she actually told them, “You’re scaring me!” Her comments start at 1:09:24 HERE! They are a must see!

But before going any further, I want to thank an Upland Resident who had the presence of mind, to bring in signs and enough for everyone, which read 11/6/18. They symbolized the date when Upland residents GET TO VOTE OUT OUR CORRUPT CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS!

November 6th







Upland residents held up these signs all night, as the public flogging was carried out against Janice Elliott. It reminded me of the movie V for Vendetta and the famous;

“Remember, Remember The 5th of November!”

And remember this creepy voice? No! Well watch this cause you’ll never forgot it!

If you still have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s the trailer for this cult classic! REMEMBER, REMEMBER, THE 6TH OF NOVEMBER, UPLAND!

The meeting to CENSURE Councilwoman Janice Elliott, gave us the chance to meet her Attorney Thomas Allison, who spoke to our city council at 21:00, HERE! Allison explained that he stands ready to defend Janice Elliott and if any ligation ensues because of our city council’s actions, it will NOT be Janice’s fault, as they are there trying to protect democracy! Mr. Allison closed his statements by wishing our council, “GOOD LUCK!”

And boy did they need that because Mr. Allison, was one of an endless list of eloquent speakers, all coming to Janice Elliott’s defense. And everyone seemed like such professional and polished public speakers, but I believe that’s because they were so impassioned about what they were having to speak about and how serious this was. Upland resident Dede Ramella started off the public comments in support of Janice Elliott. She started off with a quote from the Don Henley song Dirty Laundry and she closed her comment with, “In November…. We The People will be saying, there’s the door, don’t let it hit you in the ass” at 1:00 HERE!

“Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies,
We got our dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie,
Love to cut you down to size, we love dirty laundry,
We can do the innuendo, we can dance and sing,
When it’s said and done, we haven’t told you a thing.”

All of the public comments can be heard starting at 1:00, HERE and they go on for over an hour. They are all worth watching except for 2 lone speakers, who also want Janice to also stop talking and existing, since she is bothering their 4 buddies on Upland City Council. And to give you a small sampling of the wonderful speakers supporting Janice Elliott, resident John Ickis said at 25:43, HERE, “Thank you for all the digging you do Janice. I truly believe you are exactly the way our government was designed to be and to quote Abraham Lincoln, “That government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Then Barbara Papa said to our city council at 28:46, HERE, You’re giving Mr. Thouvenell $9,000 a month, over and above his generous pension, benefiting him only and not the 77,000 Upland residents. What have you done for the 77,000 residents besides reopen the Stake Park and have your pictures taken at various events?” Mrs. Papa also said, “You’re working for the city employees, not the residents, Janice is no threat to the residents and she’s certainly not a threat to our wallets, as the other 4 are! It appears she is a big threat to the people behind the wall! I stand with you Janice, against the school yard bullies!” And in closing, Barbara Papa asked everyone in the audience to literally stand up for Janice Elliott, which nearly everyone did!

Then Dan Bemuk at 34:12, HERE, explained how his company had submitted a bid to lease Upland’s Historic Fire Station, until our former City Manager Martin Thovenell’s friend, submitted a bid that was $100,000 LESS than his bid, as well as, $100,000 LESS than our city said they would accept from the public. Mr. Bamuk also said he was lied to by our city’s staff and that District 1, has currently NO REPRESENTATION and if Janice Elliott gets censured, District 2 will also have NO REPRESENTATION IN UPLAND. He also stated that Sid Robinson should recuse himself from this vote to censor Janice Elliott, since Sid would directly benefit from Janice NOT being to represent our city in public. He pointed out that Sid is Janice’s District 2 opponent in the upcoming election later this year. He made many other great points that should not be missed.

Upland resident Steve Morris at 38:25, HERE, managed to PROVE that Janice Elliott DID NOT DISCLOSE PRIVATE INFORMATION to “allegedly” single out another member of the Water Board on social media, to cause him embarrassment about him accepting fees for serving on that board. This was item # 7 below, on the bogus laundry list of ridiculous allegations against Janice Elliott.


Mr. Morris recalled a phone conversation with Janice to talk about Council Meetings and the contentious events that took place on 4/23/18. He told our city council that they should have made arrests that evening and he recalled that Upland City Manager Bill Manis, was chased back to his chair by an attendee at that meeting. Morris stated their phone conversation meandered to include other board meetings, besides the Upland City Council and then they briefly touched on the stipend payments, that members receive to serve on those various boards and committees. He explained at that point in the conversation, Janice Elliott informed him, that she had refused $750.00 to serve on a Water Board because she felt she had done nothing to deserve it.

Mr. Morris made it crystal clear that Janice DID NOT disclose any confidential information whatsoever, as he was 1 of the 3 people, involved in this particular allegation. Mr. Morris continued to explain that he Googled the West End Consolidated Water Company, where he found the other listed board members and the amount of money that they accepted to serve on that board. He proved none of this was private information and was available to anyone on the internet. 

Water Board

And at 41:53 HERE, I managed to add my 2 cents to the insanity, which ended with my telling our 4 city council members, they just needed to step down right now. Martha Goss at 22:30 HERE, read a statement from a resident who cleared up another issue in the censure documents, about Janice Elliott DID NOT throw her city council weight around, to “allegedly” get an Animal Control Officer in trouble. And then John Goss, accurately pointed out that Upland City Council, is trying to silence, the smartest person in the room, being Janice Elliott at 48:07HERE.

Later Mr. Goss at 13:05 HERE, invited everyone in Upland, to attend the court trial on August 22nd, seeking to declare the new yearly tax residents are forced to pay as unconstitutional, which affects over 19,000 parcels. This tax was enacted when our city gave our Fire Department away to SB County without our vote! Mr. Goss also notified residents that the courtroom holds 500 people. And as a side note, The Upland Report will be seeking to charter buses, to transport residents to this very important trial affecting all of us, so if you would be interested in traveling together and paying a small amount to get there, please contact us HERE, so we can get a head count for the number of buses, that will be needed.

Then Rudy Zuniga slammed our city council at 51:06 HERE and said what everyone was thinking all night long, which was, where were all of the Upland paid cronies tonight??? Because normally our city’s friends, consisting of a small group of pay-for-play players, like our paid city consultants and city grant recipients, are usually defending our city with sword and shield, as well as, bullying every resident on social media, who dares to criticize our city in any way. Ironically, this small tight-knit group was in attendance, but silent during the public comment section. But friends of the Upland Report, caught one of them leaving the building, below;

Marty 3

But The Upland Report is NOT sure if this was before or after, Janice Elliott talked about him for over an hour in her rebuttal, while also read his emails aloud for the whole town to hear, which was super scary stuff. SUPER SCARY STUFF!!! More on that later. Here’s another clique member of that “in-crowd” below, chatting it up with the UPD Officer that Mayor Stone uses to intimidate the rest of us. I believe he’s also the Upland Social Media Admin for our City’s Nextdoor Website. I wonder why I was permanently banned from that site. Hmmmmmm…………

Christy Mac


Rates 21



Next Upland resident Steve Bierbaum at 1:04:42 HERE, pointed out another city’s sorted history with trying to censure a city council member, which lead to the removal of that town’s Mayor. Mr. Bierbaum also made it known that Janice Elliott, was not the first person to be silenced in Upland. And he proved this with asking the question, “Where Is Our City Treasurer?” Then he addressed the glaring elephants in the room, which is our 4 Council Members with “Rs” next to their names, might NOT stand for REPUBLICANS, but possibly for RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) instead!


And let me just say, I’ll have to admit that for several months of watching Upland City Council Meetings, but before knowing anyone’s political party affiliations, I had assumed that Debbie Stone, Sid Robinson, Gino Filippi and Carol Timm were all Democrats. That’s because all of them had no issue voting to spend lots of money but unfortunately, I believe much of that money has ultimately been wasted because our city is being run so poorly. I also believed they had to be registered Democrats because those 4 individuals are habitually being defended by all of the Progressives in Upland and Rancho on social media 24/7/365, yet those same Progressives, chronically attack and harass Janice Elliott 24/7/365. And I’m certainly NOT saying there’s anything wrong with being a registered Democrat. 

But I am just saying I was absolutely shocked to learn that Debbie, Sid, Carol & Gino were all registered Republicans, because they are totally unrecognizable as such. While Janice Elliott has somehow, against all odds, managed to garner the most bipartisan political support I have ever seen in my life! But moving on, let’s get to the main event and the verbal equivalent to a bare knuckle, public fist fight involving 4 Council Members + 1 City Attorney + 1 Former City Manager In The Building + 1 City PR Consultant Verses 1 Councilwoman Janice Elliott! This was like a bad scene from a Animal Planet video where a pack of wolves chases down and attacks a deer. This was a totally classless feast, like watching a bunch of hogs at the troth.

Seriously after witnessing this meeting, you felt nauseated and went home and had nightmares! And it was Mayor Stone who started the witch hunt at 2:45, HERE! Next Carol Timm latched onto a bone and sucked the meat off of it, in front of everywhere, by reading with such fervor the ridiculous, half cocked, outlandish allegations against Janice Elliott at 5:29, HERE! Not a pretty sight at all, nor was it a good look for Mayor Pro Tem Timm, as her anger caused her to stumble and mutilate certain words. Sid Robinson and Gino Filippi took their turns, reading segments from the bogus censure documents, like a well rehearsed play. Which is exactly what it was. It was a low budget, low rent, cheap actors working for only Union SAG Vouchers, under bad lighting, in front of a live audience.

But because Debbie, Sid, Carol and Gino, brought this play to Upland and cast Janice Elliott as the villain, that allowed Janice to address every single one of their shady and baseless accusations, for as long as she deemed necessary to defend herself, from them. And because Janice is such a hard worker, she hardly slept all weekend by her own account and prepared an arsenal of evidence to prove her innocence to 4 people who would have found her guilty, even if God himself had materialized and declared her innocent, while preforming a miracle at the same time. Kind of like in this video below, except nothing would have deterred our city council!

Janice did a masterful job of addressing every single allegation on their list, with facts and even reading their own emails back and forth between each other, providing in-depth recollections and accounts, describing every last detail, like it all happened only yesterday. And what was revealed to all in attendance was a story of entrapment, betrayal, espionage, colluding, conspiring, rampant bullying to the point of actually fearing for one’s life, obstruction, deception and a level of such unprofessional behavior, it is all TOTALLY imaginable to the residents of Upland. And what is so bad about all of this, is that so many people in Upland have also experienced this pathological behavior from our city’s officials, city staff, city consultants and our former city manager, etc.

Truly there is such a huge class action lawsuit here, that should be filed against this town, by their multiple victims, who have suffered this unbelievable behavior, by this cabal. Janice spent roughly an hour, beautifully defending herself. She was forced to go head-to-head with our City Attorney, who lost control of himself and had the angry residents yelling at him, trying to intervene. It was one of the grossest things I had seen to that point, in that meeting. However, the details about the behavior of our City’s Public Relations Consultant and our Former City Manager, beat out our City Attorney, for the a-hole of the year award!

Janice Elliott’s response to this insanity starts is at 22:55 HERE! I would highly recommend everyone take the time, to watch her whole narrative. But if you don’t have the time, I’ll try to summarize what shocked me the most below. It seems this whole circus started when Mayor Debbie Stone appointed Janice Elliott, to something like 1 Committee, while appointing Sid Robinson (who lost the election) to something like 5 Committees. Janice tried to lobby for herself, attempting to get more committee assignments, as she wanted to participate, having been elected to office by the majority of the residents, while having beat Sid Robinson in the process.

She first appealed directly to Mayor Stone without success or hardly even a reply. Then she turned to City Manager Martin Thouvenell, with the same results she had with Debbie Stone. And all of this is in writing was read aloud to all in attendance. So without success, she next turned to someone who had befriended her and who she would walk with in the mornings, up Euclid Ave. And he was our City’s Public Relations Consultant, who had said that he could help her. Janice thought she could trust this person, so she explained to him that she wished she could get as many committee appointments as Sid Robinson. 

Shortly thereafter, is when a bizarre series of things started to occur. Such as Janice was called to a meeting with our then Interim City Manager Martin Thouvenell and when she arrived, she was shocked to see our City Attorney was also in attendance. Janice had no warming that any legal counsel would be necessary or even present. And she felt very uncomfortable with this attorney being present, as would anyone who had been called to a meeting where only 1 attorney was there, for only the party that called the meeting, being Martin Thouvenell.

The next bizarre thing to happen was that in a closed session meeting billed as a Martin Thouvenell City Employee Evaluation, there was no evaluation of Mr. Thouvenell at all. Also the City’s Public Relations Consultant that Janice would walk with in the mornings, was also in attendance, which is NOT ALLOWED in a closed sessions of city council. And oddly enough, someone had been reading all of Janice Elliott’s social media posts and Janice Elliott was presented with what was in essence, a Social Media Code of Conduct Contract for her to sign. Signing contracts is NOT allowed in closed sessions and this contract should NOT have even been discussed during a closed session meeting to evaluate our then City Manager’s job performance.

Councilwomen Janice Elliott did NOT agree to all of the items on the Code of Conduct Council Contract she was being asked to sign, so she initialed the items she could agree with and then, she wanted to bring the document home so she could sleep on the matter. Janice managed to take a photo of the contract and then went home, to think through what she was being asked to do. She recalls that meeting was very hostile, frightening and she alleges she felt bullied and intimidated by the other people in the room, especially our then City Manager Martin Thouvenell and the City Public Relations Consultant who until then, she had believed was her friend.

Upon leaving that meeting Janice Elliott explained that she was rattled, uneasy, afraid and felt completely ambushed by the attendees. She went home, slept on the matter and awoke with the realization that the meeting was NOT to evaluate City Employee Martin Thouvenell’s  job performance, as was the stated purpose of the closed session, but it was to evaluate her job, as an elected official, which she believed was NOT allowed under the rules regulating how and why, city council members can meet in private. Janice also realized that the Public Relations Consultant had NO business at two private closed session meetings of city council, nor did the Council Code of Conduct Contract, that they presented to her.

Elliott thought for all of those reasons, that the City of Upland had violated the Brown Act and she filed a report with the SB County DA’s office to investigate the matter. Elliott also let the local newspapers know that she had done so. And in a city that absolutely hates transparency and public disclosure of any material facts, you can imagine how their treatment of her only deteriorated, to what we would expect to see on a 5th grade school playground, being the ugliest things you can imagine from immature, not fully educated or developed, reactive, children.

And this is when the tale becomes so despicable and completely believable. After the Sentinel had written their article about this issue entitled, The Sid Robinson Investigation File, which disclosed material facts to which Janice had no idea about, regarding Sid Robinson’s long term relationship with our Public Relations Consultant, Janice was horrified and so was everyone else listening to her. What the Sentinel’s article revealed to everyone, was that our Public Relations Consultant was Sid Robinson’s former employer and the two men, have a long and documented history, both professionally and personally.

And since Sid Robinson is Janice Elliott’s direct political rival in District 2, Janice quickly realized she had been walking and talking, with the city’s informant who was a very close and long term friend and business associate, of Sid Robinson. Which no one had ever disclosed to Janice Elliott. Kind of makes you sick to your stomach, just reading it now, doesn’t it? In fact, I would go so far as calling it entrapment. And hearing the details of these two closed session meetings, where the Public Relations Consultant was an attendee and an active participate, when Janice was given a Council Code of Conduct Contract to sign, makes everyone uncomfortable who hears it.

And if you are an avid reader of The Upland Report, you’ll know by now that our city also pays this person, to monitor all Upland Social Media everyday and to deliver his suggested responses to our City Manager and Mayor once a week, regarding what he has observed, from my understanding of his monthly billing invoices for $3,500.00. And a series of articles have been published by our 2 local newspapers, about Sid Robinson and our Public Relations Consultant and their conflict of interest, because of their prior involvement with each other, at the link above. There are also newspaper articles about the Brown Act Violation, for your review there, as well. 

Janice Elliot’s shock when reading the first Sentinel article and learning about Sid Robinson and the Public Relations Consultant’s long personal history together, can best be told by Janice, at 1:03:55, HERE. This is the part where you might wanna run to the bathroom, to throw up.

And it gets worse as Janice Elliott next decides to email our City Manager, trying to explain to him, that he could have extinguished much of the confusion that had transpired to date between all parties, by simply informing Janice of Sid Robinson’s and the Public Relations Consultant’s, long term personal history together. And she received no private reply from Thug Thouvenell. His reply was later inserted under the projector at the next Public Hearing, for the world to see. And he also read it to her out loud and in front of the world to hear. And Janice reads his disgusting letter to her, for everyone to hear at this disgusting meeting to censure her, starting at 1:07:00, HERE.


I have never heard anyone who works for an elected official, talk to an elected official like this, in my entire life. If a city employee EVER tried to talk to Debbie Stone, Gino Filippi, Sid Robinson or Carol Timm this way, at a Public Hearing, they would have fired that person on the spot, plus had them arrested, long before they could have finished reading their letter. To put it bluntly, the letter shows exactly who is the Crown Prince of Upland, without an election. Debbie Stone and our entire city council, should have FIRED this man on the spot, for his outrageous statements and conduct! This level of insubordination, I can’t imagine even exists, in a corporate setting. Thouvenell’s letter should be the glaring example of workplace serial bullying, for every HR Director in the country.

This is so over the top, it provides the best example of how sick to its core, the City of Upland still is. This is so beyond shameful and repugnant, it makes me sick to my stomach just writing about it. And if they will talk to an elected official or anyone else like this in front of 100 people, imagine how they will treat you in a closed session, or a closed Facebook group, or on Nextdoor, etc, etc, etc. “Welcome To The City Of Gracious Living.” This city needs it putrid cesspool drained by a massive professional pumping station and 100 men working around the clock to do it. It is hardly fathomable, how much rot and decay needs to be cut out of Upland City Hall. Plus a lap band surgical procedure is also needed, to keep our City Officials from sucking anymore rot in.

I am going to insert something here that is also very relevant. Does anyone remember when Mayor Debbie Stone had an UPD Officer approach a senor citizen at the podium? Does anyone remember Mayor Debbie Stone cutting off her microphone on 2 separate occasions in the last 60 days? Once was when this resident Marjorie Mickels below, was talking about where in the world does Gino Filippi live in Upland, since none of the residents can find a permanent residential address for him anywhere. And Mayor Stone cuts off Ms. Mickels in mid-sentence by saying, “Marjorie, that NOT very nice” and then Stone DID NOT allow Ms. Mickels to even finish her comment and she had to return to her seat!.

Rates 20

So while Mayor Stone will NOT allow Ms. Mickel’s to ask where does Councilmen Gino Filippi live, she will allow a friend of hers and Carol Timm’s former campaign manager, to verbally abuse Janice Elliott for 3 minutes at 6:55, HERE! If he had been Marjorie Mikels, he would have been arrested. There were only 2 public comments against Janice Elliott the whole night. And this next lady’s comments takes the freaking cake at 3:18, HERE! The irony is, this “lady” went up right after Dede Ramella, who received a thunderous applause from the audience. Mayor Debbie Stone reprimands the audience for clapping and cheering for Ramella’s remarks by saying that she, “Expects Respect, From Everyone.”

Everyone but the “lady” above apparently, who Stone allowed to say the most disrespectful things I have ever heard said at the podium, to a sitting Council Member by stating, “You’re A False Prophet And Speak With A Forked Tongue” and that Janice needed to quit the city council and stick to helping butterflies and leave our city to be run by anyone else, more qualified to than her. What a lovely woman, so sweet, kind and respectful! And Stone didn’t say a word! Classy!



Well he certainly got what he deserved, hopefully our city council and all of their cronies will too! Next up is Janice’s public run in with another thug in a business shirt at her censuring, being our Upland City Attorney. This disgusting and unprofessional exchange of him bullying her again, starts at 1:11:20, HERE! At this point, the entire audience has absolutely had it with our city bullying women, men, police officers and basically everyone else in Upland and you can hear how angry they are, as no one could tolerate listening to this behavior, another second!

The next major non-issue was Carol Timm’s accusations of “Municipal Code” violations by Janice Elliott, for her talking to plaintiff’s who were suing our city. And this one personally makes me feel bad, as I had something to do with this next disgusting, bogus allegation against Janice Elliott. Apparently our city is very angry with Janice for her continuing to speak with Captain Anthony Yoakum or Sergeant Marc Simpson, who are two of the finest UPD Officers our city ever had, that the residents desperately wanted to see rehired. As most of you know, I started an online petition and wrote an article about how the residents wanted them reinstated.

I published the poll on Facebook and over 125 people signed it in mere days, many of them outstanding peace officers, that also took the time to write the kindest things you have ever hear about these two officers. That poll and that article can be read here and Janice Elliott read that post and that poll on Facebook and apparently, she decided to contact Captain Yoakum. My article had called Captain Yoakum “The People’s Police Chief,” which he absolutely is. And Since Upland had NO Police Chief after the Officers of UPD voted that they had no confidence in our last Police Chief, Janice wanted to know if Captain Yoakum would even consider returning to UPD, if it was ever available to him, to do so.

Seemed like a very reasonable thing to do, to the normal people in audience listening to Janice explain this, as we could have killed two birds with one stone, by getting the best Police Chief in the world, who all the residents wanted and loved, plus, save Captain Yoakum, Sergeant Simpson and our city, years of expensive litigation. Well the cabal never wants to talk to Yoakum or Simpson ever again, nor do they want to talk to Janice ever again, obviously and in all seriousness, our city never wants to talk too or hear from 99% of us, ever again ether. So I’ll take being in the Yoakum / Simpson / Elliott boat any day, over the Thouvenell / Stone dank dungeon. 

And unfortunately, Councilwoman Carol Timm would NOT stop scolding Janice Elliott publicly and repeatedly, over her talking to those former UPD Officers, which can be heard starting at 1:49:25, HERE.

Timm says to Janice, “Why when you were asked in closed session, not to talk to these people anymore, do you continue doing it?”

Janice says to Timm, “What do you mean?”

Timm responds, “You were told…That’s part of our training, if someone is a litigant against our city, you’re not supposed to speak to them at all, for any reason. It doesn’t mean if you’re speaking on, oh geez, I’m not talking about the litigation, you continue, even after you were told. One meeting you were told don’t do it, you said you wouldn’t do it, then you came back and did it again. Why are you continuing to talk to the people who are suing the city? I’m just curious. Because you didn’t seem upset about it when we told you, you’re not supposed to be doing that.”

I think that’s officially, the longest question I have ever heard in my life. I wonder how Janice will get out of that one?

Janice explained that she considers one a friend and that she has talked to that person about other issues NOT involving the lawsuit.

Carol next states, “Okay, but you said you weren’t going to speak with them and then the next meeting, you come back and said you had. I’m just curious.”

Janice replies, “I changed my mind.

And here is where Carol Timm sticks her foot directly into her own mouth, while getting the audience in an uproar again as Carol proves, she does NOT know what she is even talking about, after grilling Janice so relentlessly!

Carol says, “You changed your mind, we still have a municipal code of ethics and conduct, it stops you from engaging in this information, or even talking to a litigant.

Janice responds,“Does it specifically state no talking to a litigant?”

And Carol replies, “That’s what I was told.” 


Carol Timm claims it was our city attorney who told her, there was a “Municipal Code” and Janice demands to know what is the code, as does the audience.



And Stone, after listening to all of the testimony from Janice and all of the Upland residents supporting Janice, Stone reads her prepared statement and proceeds with the censure, as though she hasn’t heard a thing the whole night. And her coldness sent a shiver up my spine, as she read her statement like a dead fish, while the audience starts booing. So Stone yells, “Are you done?” And the audience yells back, “Are you? And Stone says, “No I’m not!” You can hear Stone’s final prepared statement at 1:43:34 HERE. THEN STONE, CAROL, SID & GINO BLOCK VOTE TOGETHER TO CENSURE JANICE ELLIOTT! And that concludes our evening at The Upland Insane Asylum, located at 406 N Euclid Ave in Upland.






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