WTH – Daily Bulletin, is Steve Lambert Still Your Editor? Are You Ever Going To Write About Gino Filippi’s Public Records Or Tammy Rapp’s? What About Carol Timm’s Campaign Team?

Is the City of CorrUpland’s public legal notices the only thing keeping the Daily Bulletin alive? Why is the City of CorrUpland getting rose colored glasses treatment from the Daily Bulletin? Is it because their former Editor is now Upland’s Paid Social Media Monitor making $3,500 every month from home, to monitor all of us daily on Upland’s insane social media sites? Because this city’s corruption is so SYSTEMICALLY FAR REACHING, I PRAY THE FBI COMES BACK TO CITY HALL and arrests more pilfering public employees, paid city crony consultants and shakes down a few of our elected official who are so complacent, they look the other way as long as the PAC’s are happy and they get to go to another rubber chicken dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if the FBI came back and also brought the State to do a forensic audit? Hell, if Janice Elliott could find $10,000,000 in one weekend with nothing more than a staff report about water rates increasing by another 57%, imagine what a professional forensic auditing team could find in a week!




Meet The Candidates Report is the prelude to this report and will give you the back story on everything leading up to today. Did you know CorrUpland pays a resident who used to be the Editor of the Daily Bulletin and now he gets paid to stay home and rakes in $3,500 every month to monitor all of us on CorrUpland Social Media Everyday?

An Upland Report exclusive, of course! Or was it the Sentinel? Oh wait… It was both! How about them apples? Did you also know that former Daily Bulletin Editor / now CorrUpland’s Social Media Monitor, meets with our Mayor and City Manager weekly and provides them his suggested responses to whatever he thinks CorrUpland should say back to us. Aw, Shucks, what an unauthentic communicator The City of Corruption is! I wanna be just like him when I grow up, NOT! I seriously rather be dead then to spy on my neighbors and be such a sellout for a buck. I couldn’t even be friends with someone like that, especially after hearing what Janice Elliott had to say at her ridiculous censure!

Mr. Wonderful also handles CorrUpland’s Public Relations Nightmares like The Upland Report and the mutiny of angry residents on Facebook and Nextdoor. 

So, what started this latest sh&t show today you ask? It was the longest article I have ever seen in the Daily Bulletin EVER and it was only about Rudy Zuniga. I have been reading the Upland Section of Daily Bulletin online solidly for the past year. I post links to their stories that pertain to Upland Politics, on the right hand side of this web-page. Maybe that stops today! Because their prejudicial article on only Rudy, the anti establishment candidate was so long, protracted and clearly someone’s hyperbole, it made me want to throw myself off a cliff to escape the disinformation campaign!

Let me rephrase that, it was so biased, one sided, dark and very Upland propagandist and it makes me think Steve Lambert wrote it and not Beau Yarbrough. Hell, Beau’s last article about Bill Manis leaving after only 10 months was so short, it was really nothing more than a series of his tweets and pics, from the first time he was inside Upland City Hall ever! At least that’s what I remember of his Tweets from the 9/24/18 Meeting. He seems to have never seen a Chamber Hall set up like Upland’s before, which is open to the administrative offices on both sides. So how in the world did Beau get so “caught up to speed” about Upland local politics, since September 24th?

I’ll tell you what, I’ll email him and his editor a link to this report and we’ll see if they respond or if they’ll ever publish a word about the other public records contain herein on Gino Filippi, Tammy Rapp or Carol Timm’s Closest Campaign Confidant. 

To: SBC Sentinelfpine@scng.combyarbrough@scng.comrhasse@scng.com
Oct 10 at 5:23 PM


Beau’s methodical hit piece on only one City Council Candidate, was deeply disturbing because it was only focused on one City Council Candidate. And it has further polarized a town of the verge on a revolution like something close to the City of Bell. Should November 6th NOT usher in 2 new City Council Members to help Janice Elliott, then we’ll steal a page from Bell’s playbook and WE’LL RECALL THEM ALL! Now back to Beau’s article, as it revolved around a routine traffic stop for a modified exhaust pipe on a motorcycle that Rudy Zuniga was driving in 2011 and basically recounts what anyone would term as petty probable cause.

I am so surprised someone with the ALCU hasn’t contacted Zuniga through his Rudy 4 Upland Facebook Page because of the Daily Bulletin’s article and offered to sue Upland’s ass off for free! Basically this UPD Officer pulled Rudy over when riding his motorcycle alone, NOT for speeding but for having a modified exhaust. Then the Officer wanted to prolong the detention to unjustifiably take photos of his tattoos without advising him this was a gang investigation.

Hey UPD, my car has a modified exhaust too and I have a tattoo, should I stand outside my vehicle when you pull me over next and disrobe in public, so you can photograph my entire body? Knowing this town, I’d probably be arrested for indecent exposure and Marty would probably roll up and handcuff me to a mailbox and leave me in the burning sun for an extended period of time, to publicly humiliate me, as was the case with poor Kenneth Beck.

Yet all of this horrible press from the Daily Bulletin, that was so far reaching and bordered on the brink of far fetched fantasy and even brought in multiple “experts” on gang culture for a man according to their own story, has only raised $4,248 since he filed to run against Carol Timm and Tammy Rapp on August 9th, 2018. While Carol Timm thanks to Burtec Waste, Holiday Rock, Peace Officers Research Association Where UPD’s Own Marcelo Blanco Is Their Treasurer, Lewis Homes, Colonies Developer Jeffrey Burum, Kendrew Development and the Home-building Industry, she has managed to raise $24,705 so far in 2018. Carol will likely outspend Rudy 5 to 1 and probably by much, much more.

And the Bulletin’s only shred of truth, where the rest of the article was the author’s imagination gone wild, was when he was forced to state the obvious that Zuniga has NO FELONIES SO HE CAN RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE. Because according to Yarbrough and the Bulletin,“San Bernardino County court records indicate Zuñiga was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in 2000 and being drunk in public in 2008. Both are misdemeanors and both charges were dismissed, court records indicate. He also received a traffic infraction in 2008.” You know what Daily Bulletin, today I appreciate being white after what Zuniga was forced to endure at that routine traffic stop for nothing more than a having a modified muffler and God knows, I don’t even know the half of it.



Hey Daily Bulletin, here’s a real story for you courtesy of THE CORRUPLAND REPORT! Below are Gino Filippi’s Public Records and they are from 2009 & 2010 and are more recent than Rudy’s 1 traffic ticket in 2008! And from Gino’s salacious public records we can see that he tested positive for cocaine. The FBI according to Gino’s brother, allegedly came to the Daily Bulletin asking questions about Gino and someone from the Bulletin, allegedly called Gino’s brother and told him about it. A former female co-worker employed by the Filippi Winery, stated in writing that she was scared for her safety around Gino and didn’t want to be alone with him. She recalled a traumatic event where Gino went into a rage, was screaming and yelling at her and came towards her while making a stabbing motion with his hand.

Daily Bulletin Editor, don’t you find that interesting? Do you think Upland residents, especially those residing in District 3, would find that interesting? How about this, the same female employee who stated she was afraid for her safety, also felt Gino criticized her about her appearance because she was overweight and NOT A SIZE 2. Daily Bulletin, is that NOT good enough to make your paper? No, how about this one, Gino’s brother claims Gino picked up a trash can and pretended to hurl it at him.

No good? Let me try again. Gino’s brother believed Gino’s sexual relationship with a direct subordinate had caused such MAJOR hostility in their workplace, it was one of the reasons Gino was terminated. So let me get this straight Daily Bulletin, an Upland Councilmen with public records where an illicit sexual relationship with a direct subordinate caused interoffice hostility of such a magnitude, it was one of the reasons he was fired and evicted. In addition to, fat shaming a woman and scaring her half to death, with his fits of all out rage and lack of self control! Plus, having testing positive for cocaine and the FBI allegedly even came to your office asking questions about GINO AND NONE OF THAT, IS INTERESTING ENOUGH TO GET PRINTED IN YOUR NEWSPAPER???

Okay DB, is it alright I call you DB? DB, you are nearly impossible to impress but let me try again, as I’ve saved the best for last. Gino’s brother believed Gino took $50,000 from the Winery Bank Account and deposited it into his own personal account to bluster his financial statement when he was applying for a mortgage loan. Does that sound like mortgage fraud to anyone in the financial community reading this and if so, can you please contact me and tell me why or why not, that would be frowned upon?

Man DB, that’s still NOT good enough to get printed in your newspaper? You are killing me here! It seems impossible to get a story-line past your editor for print and thank God I don’t write for you, as you would never allow me to publish a thing DB. Kind of like Upland’s Nextdoor Community Website, were an UPD Officer is the Administrator of that sick website.

DB, I’ve got one final card left to play. I hope you this like one, I mean, loathe this one enough to want to print it in your newspaper! My last card is an Ungodly conversation where Gino and his associate are talking about a female employee who was dating an African American man and the words, “BLACK MONKEY” were being used in those sentences!


 Upland Councilmen Gino Filippi’s Public Records

And the Daily Bulletin should check their email because I sent them another fascinating story about where in the world Gino Filippi is living in District 3. As an Upland employee from the Planning Department on July 6th, when she did not know it was Gino living there, told me it was illegal for anyone to be living there and for me to call Code Enforcement, if I knew someone was residing in that commercial office. Hey Daily Bulletin, can you dig into how Gino even supports himself instead of slandering a man who has held the same job for the last 27 years???? 

To: Jeannette Vagnozzi, Upland City Clerk, Meagan Mc Lees, Bill Manis, SBC Sentinel, fpine@scng.com, rhasse@scng.com, byarbrough@scng.com, lmarquez@scng.com, dallen@scng.com

Oct 9 at 6:33 PM

Dear Madam Clerk, AKA Election Official, AKA Deputy City Manager And Soon To Be Acting City Manager Ms. Jeanette Vagnozzi, Plus, To Whom It May Concern At The Daily Bulletin & SBC Sentinel,

          Councilmen Gino Filippi has been living in an office building located at (Redacted) in the City of Upland, since the spring of 2017, according to his ex-girlfriend which she published that fact on Facebook. And I just talked to (Redacted) today 10/9/18, who has a business at that address right now (his website is below). (Redacted) and (Redacted) confirmed that Gino Fiilippi is living inside that office building and has been for quite some time. On Thursday July 6th, 2018, I called the Upland Planning Department and asked if that address was zoned and permitted for full time residential occupancy and was told absolutely not. I was told the building had been converted into multiple office suites and I was given the name of three Real Estate Investment Companies, plus Gino Filippi Wine Columnist, who all hold Business Licenses with the City of Upland at that address. I was also told by the Upland Planning Department that if I knew someone was living there, I needed to call Upland Code Enforcement and report it immediately. 

          Last night I spoke to our Councilmembers to inform them of this fact. Today, I called Upland Planning Department again and was told that this property’s address is now NOT in the GIS System at all. The Planning Department’s Manager Jerry Guarracino, is now back peddling like Lance Armstrong and is now trying desperately to convince me (a Former Planning Board Member from another County) that the underlying zoning for that general area is Mixed Use, so suddenly now it is okay for Gino Filippi to be living there. However, because of my County Planning Board background, I know if I bought that property or moved into it and wanted to convert the use, I would need to apply to the Upland Planning Commission for approval for whatever my intended use would be. The address (Redacted) where Gino Filippi is living right now, is still listed on multiple marijuana directions as an active and open dispensary that is opened daily from 10 am – 10 pm and the phone number still rings. While I do not believe it is still an active dispensary today, I certainly believe it was one once, as the City of Upland just filed a $9,366 lien against this property foNuisance Violations on 7/11/2018. And I believe those violations are pertaining to that former use.

          Since that time, the property has been converted into multiple commercial business suites and below is the business website for 1 of the 4 businesses that hold a Business License with the City of Upland for that address. Every window of this property is covered with window film or banners to advertise one of the businesses and therefore, those covered windows, in my humble opinion, would impede escape in the event of a fire, if Gino Filippi needed to vacate. I have included several pictures of the property below, which have been emailed to The Upland Report, as multiple tips have been submitted by many concerned residents who think there is no residential occupancy permit, for anyone to be able to live full-time at that address.

         Therefore, I am requesting the Public Records for all Conditional Use Permits (CUP) & Administrative Use Permits (AUP) for (Redacted), as well as, any zoning inspections, approvals, permits and applications, where anyone has requested to reconvert the multiple offices, to create a suitable place for anyone to live in this office building, on a full-time basis. I do not know how anyone in the City of Upland, can expect me or anyone else to believe, that the building below which is home to 4 businesses, is also permitted for full-time residential occupancy, concurrently.  Thank you

DB, do know that CorrUpland has ALMOST NEVER & HARDLY EVER ELECTED A HISPANIC IN THE LAST HUNDRED YEARS? Do you know CorrUpland was finally forced to redistrict from their at-large voting scheme to now local district voting only, so that South Upland’s Hispanic Population which outnumbers all other races by a 20% margin, can elect a candidate to finally represent the dire needs of all of South Upland.

And for the first time ever, South Upland has the chance to elect 2 Hispanic City Councilmembers to represent the demographic in Districts 3 & 4. But that won’t happen if Carol Timm and Gino Filippi can help it and last night’s CorrUpland City Council Meeting, was another epic Holy Hell, OMG, WTH Just Happened, Unbelievable Nightmare! And it all started with Carol Timm! BOO-HISS CAROL

If You’re NOT Familiar With What Carol’s Campaign Is Doing In District 4, When Going Door-To-Door, Please See This UPLAND REPORT For Those Sorted Details

And Mike Pattison perfectly described what is happening with all these Crony City Consulting Contracts when he said, “THE RESIDENTS ARE TIRED OF PAYING FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIPS!” DAMN STRAIGHT!

And 20 year resident Allen Nicely broke down every dollar wasted by years of chronic dysfunction as we’ve gone through more City Managers than the NFL goes through Players who don’t take a knee!

And that reminds me, if you haven’t read the article here by guest contributor Ronald James entitled, “How Did Upland Get In This Bad Of Shape,” please take a moment to read that shell shocking masterpiece.


Rudy Zuniga was once in a motorcycle club many years ago and is NOT anymore. Rudy has changed his life and has worked very hard to do so. He is beloved in his community. He is valued at his 27 year career. He is a father and a grandfather and a loving husband and he is going through this city inflicted pure hell, because he wants to clean this town up starting with the Corruption at City Hall. If South Upland wasn’t falling down all around him, his friends, his family and his neighbors I can assure you all, he like the rest of us would be perfectly happy enjoying our beautiful town, if it is ever beautiful again. And going to fun concerts in the park, if shady council doesn’t sell them all before Nov 6th to their political developer donors. I am sure he and the rest of us, would enjoy attending Upland’s Annual Fireworks, if we ever even have one again.

And surely Rudy doesn’t want to be slandered every second of every day, while worrying about if a tree limb will total his wife’s car by morning. Then wake up to a God awful newspaper story in the DB, with statements from no one who personally knows him as a human being and who isn’t without an employment contract with the City of Upland. Shame on all of them! No one should have gotten our brand new Police Chief to pass public judgement of a man that he doesn’t know at all, for the primary purpose of keeping the cronies in CorrUpland City Hall. I was so hoping we could have elected 2 new Councilmembers in time to save Bill Manis and also Chief Goodman, from the Crony Curse but my God, the cronies waste no time in using their Department Heads to attack their citizenry. And that is what I hate the most, about the City of CorrUpland.

The thing that pisses me off the most about the article in the Daily Bulletin is the title. They had the nerve, to state on the front page of the newspaper for this region that Rudy Zuniga is an, “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Member.” Do they NOT know Rudy doesn’t even own a motorcycle? Instead of saying was or was years ago, they are so indentured to the City of CorrUpland, that they published that he is right now. That FALSE STATEMENT has such far reaching implications and consequences, I can hardly believe they did it. That is such a bold face lie and is totally inexcusable journalistic liberty for the benefit of Carol Timm. Carol doesn’t even need PAC MONEY when she’s got the Bulletin! Absolutely disgusting!

And now I want to say something to the residents of South Upland, from the bottom of my heart. I am so very sorry that the residents who live below Foothill, have been completely forgotten about by our city! I have spent quite a bit of time in South Upland very recently and I am so utterly appalled and beyond outraged at what our city has allowed to happen there. IT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! If Districts 1 & 2 had the same problems as Districts 3 & 4, there would be a CITYWIDE REVOLUTION TOMORROW! Carol Timm has been an “Upland Public Servant” for the last 20 years and if she hasn’t been able to get the job done in the last 7,300 days, than I’ll defer to our Commander & Chief!

Now back to DB, can a reporter please research and report on why Tammy Rapp’s Cosmetology License has been expired since March 31, 2016? Can the Bulletin ask her how in the hell is she even doing hair, when her license was been expired for over 2.5 years? What is going on at Hair Do’s if the owner has been unlicensed for 2.5 years! Rapp License

DB, can a reporter please ask Rapp why she turned the salon on the left, into the salon on the right before paying off the remaining $17,000 she still owes the original owner Laura Boyd? According to Mrs. Boyd, Tammy changing anything was a violation of Rapp’s signed Security Agreement & Promissory Note and poor Laura says she has NOT received a payment of $690.88 in the past 2 years. 

To Whom It Many Concern At The Upland Report,

          My name is Laura Boyd and I spent 40 years working in Upland. I built a thriving business in Downtown Upland called Gente Bella and my husband and I spent a fortune on the interior to make it resemble the Venetian in Las Vegas. I have included a picture so you can see how we tried to make our business as beautiful as the clientele that I loved serving so much. I enjoyed the happiest years of my life at Gente Bella and working in Upland. The reason for my letter is that I’ve recently become aware that Tammy Rapp is now running for Upland City Council and I was able to watch her segment of the recent Candidate’s Forum where she stated, “As a hard working single mother, I bought my business on my own and I’ve worked hard and we’ve done very well because of it.” When I heard her say that, my heart nearly stopped and I knew I had to do something to set the record straight and to warn the unsuspecting general public.

         You see in 2013 Tammy Rapp came to work for me at Genta Bella. Around the same time my best friend who had helped me run the salon had passed away and shortly thereafter, my mother became terminally ill requiring Hospice care then she too, also passed away. Being near retirement age and after losing so much, so soon with the passing of the two most important women in my life, my husband and I decided to retire. It was then in 2014, that Tammy Rapp offered to buy Gente Bella from us and we decided to trust her, which has turned out to be the single worse decision of our lives. We sold our thriving and beautifully decorated salon to Tammy in excellent condition, with a stable full of happy and long term clients for only $30,000 at 5% interest. A new car costs more than what Tammy Rapp had to pay for Gente Bella and we made the fatal mistake of allowing Tammy to pay us in installments payments due on the 1st of every month in the amount of only $690.88. 

       And every time I get online to try to deal with her breach of contract and these ongoing legal issues, I have to look at pictures of what was once Gente Bella which is now Little Shop of Hair Dos and I can’t help but cry. Our dream and years of blood, sweat and tears is now painted black and there are now skulls, skeletons and horror themed items everywhere and I would be scared to walk in there if I was a new client. If we could have ever known what Tammy Rapp was capable of, we would have never trusted her with our business, let alone financed this once in a lifetime opportunity for her and been her bank! My heart breaks every time I have to think of it. All of the girls that worked there when I left, have left because of Tammy! And when I have tried to get Tammy to address this situation and make a payment of her delinquent note, she has verbally abused me via text messages. If you would be so kind as to consider publishing this letter, maybe my horrendous experience may help save the City of Upland from electing Tammy Rapp to Upland City Council because God help you all, if you do. Sincerely, Laura Boyd

DB, Can A Reporter Ask Tammy Rapp Why She Is Leading A Double Life And Why Betty Beware Deserves To Be On CorrUpland City Council? 

Tammy Rapp 3

DB, can a reporter ask Tammy Rapp if she’s paid the $10,000 Judgement to the couple who’s home she rented and caused $2,419 worth of damage + $6,600 in unpaid rent + $500 for their attorney fees to get this judgment + court costs of $335, when they had to evict from her their Rancho home last year, which caused her to move to the City of CorrUpland? Maybe they would like to talk to The Upland Report, as that will be the only way for them to tell their story too, as the Bulletin only reports what the cronies tell them too, apparently.

Rapp judgment

DB, can a reporter ask Tammy Rapp and the City of CorrUpland, why they think having a Children’s Halloween Celebration in Downtown and Betty Beware’s Burlesque Show on the same night, is a great idea? 

DB, can a reporter ask Betty / Tammy if she will allow the burlesque performers at her upcoming show on Halloween, to use weapons and knives as part of their burlesque acts, which Betty Beware is notorious for doing, as the “Serial Killer of Burlesque.” In addition DB, can a reporter ask Betty if her upcoming show will be another co-ed event, with burlesque (girls) and boylesque (guys) performances, while Upland children are outside with their parents at a City Sponsored Halloween Celebration for children!

DB, can you ask Tammy why she is NOT choosing to participate in the Children’s Halloween Celebration and host a booth, like most of the other downtown merchants are doing?  

Finally DB, can a reporter ask Carol Timm which one of her Campaign Team Members, has a criminal record and what was done and to whom, to be charged and convicted for that?

Now let’s all ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after in the City of CorrUpland. And until the next time we all meet again, either here or at City Hall, I want to tell 99.8% of my readers how much I appreciate you, how much I respect you, how grateful I am to know so many of you and call so many of you fabulous people, my friends. This town has some of the finest people I have ever met in my entire life and I am truly blessed to have met you through this process. We are all in this together and your support, kind words and enduring friendships mean so very much to me, there are simply no words. So I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart and WE WILL FIGHT ON, TOGETHER!  


Got a comment, question or suggestion, please use the contact form below. 






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