5G Means 40,000 to 106,400 Cellphone Antennas Per Every Square Mile In Upland & Permits Have Been Issued! Cellphone Antennas Next To Homes With ZERO Public Hearings & ZERO Notification! Plus, Council Meets 4/29 To Evaluate City Manager’s Horrible Job Performance!

Our City Manager Jeannette Vagnozzi has failed to protect and inform the public! Vagnozzi has failed to protect Upland’s private and public property rights. Vagnozzi has failed to protect Upland home-owners. Vagnozzi has failed to protect Upland tax-payers! Vagnozzi has failed to protect Upland’s right-of-ways! Vanozzi failed to inform our city council members and our planning commissioners, that all 5G light-pole and utility-pole cellphone antenna permitting, is being done through our Public Works Department, ONLY! THAT MEANS NO PUBLIC HEARINGS! NO PUBLIC NOTIFICATION! NO DUE PROCESS! NO PLANNING BOARD APPROVAL! NO REQUIRED ZONING SET-BACKS! NO CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT! NO TRANSPARENCY AND ALLOWS CELLPHONE ANTENNAS TO BE INSTALLED 25 FEET AWAY FROM RESIDENTIAL HOMES, IN EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD IN UPLANDWhy is she still gainfully employed here making $311,000 in total annual compensation from Upland’s tax-payers, so she can go home and spend it in La Verne! Hopefully her employment is about to come to a screeching halt on or around April 29th, 2019! Please SIGN OUR PETITION to demand our city council adopt an urgency ordinance to STOP the current 5G permitting practice.




The City of Upland has reduced the permitting process and now allows 5G cellphone antennas in residential neighborhoods on city street-lights and utility-poles without any public hearings! Without any public notification! Without due process! Without planning commission review or approval! Without the required 200 feet set-backs from residential homes! Without compliance of our existing municipal code under section 17.50.050, that states it is ILLEGAL to erect a cellphone antenna in any district zoned as residential. All of these public protections above have been dismantled because of City Manager Jeanette Vagnozzi’s chronic failure and horrible mismanagement of our city.

All that is required to deploy 5G cellphone antennas in Upland neighborhoods, is a simple right-of-way encroachment permit that is issued by our Upland Public Works Department. To date, we know Sprint’s 5G Infrastructure Subcontractor has been issued permits and we know AT&T and Verizon/MCI have also applied for permits earlier this year. We are assuming both AT&T & Verizon would have received their permits by now, since there is evidence of their application submissions. More on that and the various Public Records Request below. 

But first let’s learn what we have to do to protect ourselves. A good start is signing this petition asking our city council adopt an urgency ordinance which halts this public works permitting practice and gives Upland the time to draft a Small Cell Telecommunications Ordinance and adopt it. That will allow our planning commission to resume local control over installations, permitting and approvals. It also resumes public hearings, public notification and public input. All of which are completely absent as it stands today.  

If you aren’t aware how controversial 5G cellphone antennas are, take a moment to read this article which explains the new 5G technology. 5G requires the launching of 20,000 new low earth orbiting satellites, plus, millions of new small cell antennas sites, to be installed on residential streetlights and utility poles. 5G is nothing like 1G, 2G, 3G or 4G cellphone technology AT ALL and 5G WILL NOT use the existing infrastructure already in place. This is because 5G uses MUCH higher frequencies that were previously considered unusable by the wireless industry for civilians. Very conservative estimates are that each carrier will need a 5G cellphone antenna directly outside every 3 to 10 homes. With each carrier needing their own 5G antennas every 3 to 5 homes, let me show you what that looks like for your Upland neighborhood below.  Upland 5G

Each wireless carrier will have their own small cell 5G antennas installed every 300 to 800 feet. That looks like the above where 1 light-pole will have an AT&T 5G Antenna, the next light-pole will be a Verizon 5G Antenna, then Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and repeat, throughout every residential street in this city! Very conservative estimates are 5G deployment means each carrier, will need 10,000 small cell 5G antennas, per square mile. Now let’s multiple that 10,000 x (4) to represent Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile & AT&T! That’s 40,000 small cell 5G antennas, per square mile. That number is very conservative and based on each carrier having installed small cell 5G antennas every 800 ft.

Instead, the reality is that the wireless industry is installing their 5G small cell antennas, EVERY 300-500 FEET! If installed at 300 feet, Upland would have upwards of 106,400 small cell 5G antennas every square mile. The picture below is from a Danville, California where residents fought back and got their city council to enact new ordinances specifically for Small Cell 5G Telecommunications Facilities. In Danville, each wireless carrier was planning to place their own small cell 5G antennas every 500 feet throughout densely populated residential areas. The different colored dots represent each separate wireless carrier’s proposed small cell 5G antenna location. Not a pretty picture is it? The below represents 3 of the 4 wireless carriers, so try to imagine a 4th set of dots overlaid on the below.

5G Danville

It is VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW that currently our wireless devices today use between 2 – 8 GHz. BUT NOT 5G! 5G will use between 30GHz to 300GHz! Think about that for a second, we are going from the top end of 8GHz to as high as 300GHz, without any human health testing whatsoever! The wireless industry admits they have conducted NO human health studies on 5G technology. They admit there are no plans to conduct any health studies now or in future, when testifying before the US Congress, as seen in the video below. Please spend 30-40 minutes watching the video below to educate yourself on what is going to be installed directly outside your homes, without 1 public hearing nor any public notification at all, except this report!

Caputured AgencyIf you watched the video above, you will know that Harvard University’s Center For Ethics has published a book that calls the FCC the most captured Federal Agency today. A “captured agency” refers to the fact that the FCC has been hijacked by the wireless industry. Where former industry employees and lobbyists now run the FCC. The book explains the FCC has now been reduced to nothing more than an industry cheerleader and is NO LONGER A CREDIBLE FEDERAL REGULATORY AGENCY! Read the book for free HERE!, “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates” by Norm Alster – Published by Harvard’s Center for Ethics.

These 5G small cell antennas use millimeter wave frequencies that are so high, they were considered unusable for civilians by the wireless industry for decades. Historically and up until right now, the only group who were using millimeter waves was the military. The reason the military uses these very high frequency millimeter waves is because they are biologically active and they interact directly with human skin. Very specifically, millimeter waves interact with our sweat glands.

The military uses millimeter waves in their electromagnetic weapons systems because millimeter waves can make people feel like they are on fire, as clearly seen in the US Army’s video below. The question begs to be asked, is the reason the wireless industry is conducting no human health studies on 5G is because there is no way in hell, negative human health effects wouldn’t be the end result of their study? It is a fact that millimeter waves can clearly be used to cause the physical sensation of intense burning pain, where enemy combatants will drop their weapons and surrender. But what else can they do?

It is also a fact that the TSA uses millimeter waves to scan human bodies for weapons before allowing them to travel. So it is understandable why most Americans do not want 100,000 millimeter wave devices installed in every square mile throughout every neighborhoods and in their communities. And residents are fighting back and so are countless municipalities across the country, BUT NOT UPLAND!

Upland City Manager Jeanette Vagnozzi is allowing the wireless carriers to simply apply for a public works right-of-way permit! That simple permit, allows them to install 5G cellphone equipment and 5G small cell antennas in our public right-of-ways and right next to our Upland homes. In stark contrast to Upland’s 5G red carpet roll-out, where Vagnozzi has given the industry the easiest 5G permitting progress imaginable that lacks all public transparency and even local planning board approval and oversight, other California cities and counties have joined the ligation to stop 5G.


Many cities in our state and nationwide, are refusing to roll over and lose control of something this important! Something that will not only affect public health but also our private and public property rights and our property values. This 5G deployment is an illegal taking of our constitutional rights! These California municipalities below are doing something about it! Unlike the City of Upland which is being run into the ground by the failed leadership of Upland’s City Manager Jeanette Vagnozzi.

All of the California cities and counties below have joined the 5G legal fight because they strongly oppose the restrictions and limitations being imposed on them by the wireless industry and the FCC, which are one in the same. They include Marin County, Los Angeles County, San Francisco County, Contra Costa County, the City of Los Angeles, the City of San Francisco, Huntington Beach, Culver City, Arcadia, Bellevue, Monterrey, Piedmont, Emeryville, Fresno, San Jacinto, San Bruno, Santa Monica, San Jose, Shafter, Corte Madera, Bakersfield, Rancho Palos Verde, Burlingame, Hillborough, Fairfax and even Ontario! But NOT Upland.

Thousand Oaks Residents Fight Back Against 5G

Danville, California Residents Fight Back Against 5G

Portland City Council Openly Discusses Credible Medical & Scientific Studies That Shown Cancer Risks To Humans & Sends Resolution To FCC Demanding FCC Update Their Health Studies!   

If you just watched the Portland news story above, it accurately depicts 5G will be used mostly for machines like autonomous self driving cars and long distance remote control of heavy machinery! The truth is, human beings are hardly going to be able to notice faster download speeds. 5G is for machines like self driving cars which need incredible data processing speeds to mimic us. In researching the future of self-driving cars, for a car to be able to drive itself, it will generate two petabits of data. That is equal to two-million gigabits. Who wants a radiation transmitting device in their front yard, which is doing that kind of heavy lifting 24/7/365?

I firmly believe Jeanette Vagnozzi has FAILED to inform our new city council members that the practice of only requiring a public works right-of-way permit, has taken the place of our planning commission and our Upland Municipal Code Section 17.50.050, HERE. In addition, I firmly believe our City Manager Jeanette Vagnozzi has also failed to mention this FACT, to our Upland Planning Commissioners, as well.


Can you imagine having the nerve and the audacity to completely and utterly circumvent the entire planning commission’s authority and the authority of our elected officials? Can you imagine NOT telling your bosses that this was the route you have decided Upland should take, regarding the deployment of 5G cellphone antennas that are going to be installed right next to our residential homes? It is still so shocking to me, I can hardly even believe it myself. But having dug into this for the past 3 weeks like a deer tic, I can absolutely assure you that this is exactly what Jeanette Vagnozzi has done!

Once I became glaringly aware of this FACT, I informed our Upland Planning Commissioners that 5G cellphone antennas installed on residential light-poles and directly outside of residential homes, would NOT come before their board! I can honestly report that I sincerely believe they had no idea that was a fact! Commissioner Yvette Walker actually point blank asked our assistant city planner if this was true. He admitted that it was TRUE! He explained the entire process boils down to obtaining a right-of-way permit from the public works department. Which allows the wireless industry to construct telecommunications equipment in our public right-of-ways, without planning commission approval, or any notification to the general public!

Commissioner Walker next asked our assistant city planner, how long it would take to adopt an ordinance to change that public works permitting process, to also include the Upland Planning Commission. She was told it would take approximately 7 months. Also in attendance at the 3/28/19 planning commission meeting were Councilmembers Janice Elliott and Bill Velto. I truly believe neither Councilmember Elliott or Velto, knew this was happening either. As I understand it since then, both Councilmembers Elliott and Velto have made inquires about changing this permitting practice, after learning it was happening on 3/28/19.

I also understand that Councilmen Rudy Zuniga is very interested in remedying this important issue as well and because Councilmen Ricky Felix has three young children, I have to assume he would also be interested in protecting the health of his family. To help facilitate an immediate course correction, I have made numerous written inquires of our city manager and our city clerk starting on April 11th, 2019. I also copied our City Attorney James Markman, Public Works Director Rosemary Hoerning and Councilmembers Elliott, Zuniga, Velto and Felix, on all correspondence.


What prompted all of this for me, including the subsequent public record requests, was the fact that an AT&T employee who attended the planning commission meeting on 2/28/19 trying to get the commission to approve a 60 foot tall cellphone tower in a children’s playground, also stated that our city had an application from AT&T’ regarding their deployment of small cell 5G antennas on our city street-lights and utility-poles.

I knew immediately our Upland Planning Commission did NOT have that 5G small cell permit application and I knew that document was a public record and available to anyone who filed a Public Records Request to retrieve it. So I did just that and Vagnozzi and our clerk’s office refused to give it to me. First you need to know that our current city clerk replaced Jeanette Vagnozzi who was our clerk until this year. When Vagnozzi become our city manager on 11/28/18, her assistant took over the clerk’s office. It should be no surprise that our new clerk has refused to surrendered the bonafide requested public records below, citing (2) non-applicable exemptions below. 

  1. Privileged communications between the City and its legal counsel are exempt from disclosure pursuant to Section 954 of the California Evidence Code, which is incorporated into the Public Records Act through California Government Code Section 6254(k).
  2. Preliminary drafts, notes, or interagency or intra-agency memoranda are exempt from disclosure pursuant to California Government Code Section 6254(a).

The public records I requested were public works telecommunications right-of-way permit applications, as well as, any right-of-way permits issued. Plus, any telecommunication licensing agreements. I NEVER requested any public records consisting of any privileged communicating between our city council and our city attorney. So exception #1 above is totally inapplicable. As is exemption #2 above, as our city clerk omitted language from the California Government Code when she cited the second exemption, so exemption (2) above, is also totally inapplicable! If we simply Google California Government Code Section 6254(a), in red below, is what she omitted from the code. In blue, is the partial section she used to deny releasing any public records to me.


This chapter does not require the disclosure of any of the following records:

6254.  (a) Preliminary drafts, notes, or interagency or intra-agency memoranda that are not retained by the public agency in the ordinary course of business, if the public interest in withholding those records clearly outweighs the public interest in disclosure.

The public records I requested were public works telecommunications right-of-way permit applications, as well as, any right-of-way permits issued. Plus, any telecommunication licensing agreements. Those records are NOT drafts, notes, or interagency or intra-agency memoranda, that would NOT be retained by our city in the ordinary course of their business. When Jeanette Vagnozzi was our clerk in 2016, 2017 and 2018, this was always her exact BOGUS exemption to NEVER ANSWER 75 public records request. I contend for all intent and purposes that Jeanette Vagnozzi is now micro-managing our new city clerk and still not allowing public records to be  surrendered at all by our city. Which is a violation of the California Public Records Act, WHICH IS ANOTHER REASON TO FIRE HER!

Let’s take a moment and give Jeanette Vagnozzi a hand for her vast accomplishments!


I requested these public records on 4/11/2019 and on 4/18/19 they were denied. I challenged the initial denial based on the bogus and non-applicable exemptions above. As of 4/26/19, I am now being asked to wait several weeks for these most basic public records, when our state law dictates our city clerk has 10 days to surrender them.

After being able to get NO INFORMATION FROM OUR CITY CLERK’S OFFICE, I resorted calling our Public Works Department and our Planning Department. I was able to speak with the (2) engineers at public works who handle these permits with the various wireless carriers and I was also able to speak with out Assistant City Planner. Let me say this right now, 95% of the people employed by this city are fantastic! It is Jeanette Vagnozzi I take issue with and her high paid consultants like Steven Duckett who took over Upland’s Planning & Development Office last year, then suddenly disappeared early this year under VERY interesting circumstances! Our city engineers in charge of these telecommunication applications and permits were very honest and HELPFUL.

I heard a very familiar story when talking to one of them. It is the same story engineers working for municipalities all over the country are complaining about right now. Which is it is very difficult to isolate the 5G right-of-permits because the wireless companies DO NOT HAVE TO STATE 5G, or small cell, or Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) AKA 5G, nor antenna, etc., in their permit applications. Most of the time the reasons the wireless companies and their various subcontractors use to request these 5G right-of-way permits are so vague and cryptic, no one really knows what the wireless companies are doing in our public-right-ways!

This news story from San Diego describes this nationwide problem perfectly! Where a county engineer can get NO information from the applicant which in this case is Verizon and a fiber optic right-of-way permit. The news crew can get NO information from Verizon either of what their fiber is for. It is important to know that every location where a wireless carrier plans to put a small cell 5G antenna, they will have to have fiber underneath it.

What we do know for certain today, is that on February 28th, 2019, AT&T admitted to having submitted a permit application for their small cell 5G light-pole antenna deployment plan, with the City of Upland. We know Verizon had requested a right-of-way permit for their fiber deployment plan (believed to be for 5G) in January of this year. We know on February 26th last year, our city staff which was then Deputy City Manager Vagnozzi AKA City Clerk, Human Resource Director, Administrative Services Director & Upland Election Official Vagnozzi (all at the same time), slipped another public works right-of-way permit for telecommunications equipment in a council council agenda as a routine business item, requiring no public hearing!


That very benign by design description was really hiding a 30 year agreement to install 5G cellphone antennas on Upland’s light-poles and utility-poles, with a company called Mobilite who installs all the 5G infrastructure for Sprint! The right-of-way agreement gave Mobilite a 10 year term, with 4 automatic 5 year extensions, which makes it effective until 2048! There was no public hearing and no Planning Commission approval and ZERO PUBLIC NOTIFICATION.  

I wrote a scathing Upland Report about that debacle, HERE! Two months later in April of 2018, Mobilite and Sprint were jointly fined together $11.6 MILLION DOLLARS FOR NON-COMPLIANT 5G SMALL CELL INSTALLATIONS! So right now in Upland, we already gave permission to Sprint/Mobilite in 2018. In 2019, we either already have or are incredibly close to giving Verizon/MCI & AT&T right-of-way permits for 5G deployment.


I believe at this point being almost May of 2019, since Verizon was requesting a right-of-way application in Jan of 2019 and AT&T stated in February, that our city already had their 5G application, that both of those carriers also very likely now have their permits in hand too. The only player we are missing is T-Mobile and they probably have their permit already! But Vagnozzi won’t release any of the right-of-way permits nor the applications for weeks if ever, so that Upland residents can determine how badly she has opened Pandora’s box with our planning commissioners knowing absolutely nothing about it! And our new city council members knowing nothing about it and the unsuspecting general public, knowing nothing about it.

We know the FCC and the wireless industry are trying to force local governments into completing their approval process of these public works right-of-ways permits for 5G small cell, within 60 days. That is why half our state is suing the FCC, while Upland via Jeanette Vognozzi is doing nothing but lying to the residents and keeping what she is doing out of the awareness of our Upland Planning Commission and our Upland City Council. She and City Attorney James Markmen have allowed such unbridled free reign for 5G deployment without telling anyone,  it is now so totally out of everyone’s control.


As someone who was a former member of a county planning board, who has authored county zoning ordinances on several occasions in the past, I have researched that question for the past 3 weeks. The best possible option seems to be adopting an urgency ordinance which gives Upland the time to author and enact a Small Cell Telecommunication Ordinance and adopt it. The California Government Code Under Section 65858(a), allows cities to protect public safety, health, and welfare by adopting an interim urgency ordinance prohibiting any uses that may be in conflict with a contemplated zoning proposal that the city is considering within a reasonable time. By adopting an urgency ordinance our city will have the time necessary to develop a Small Cell Telecommunications Ordinance which is lacking from our municipal code. It necessary to restore local control by bringing these important issues back before the Upland Planning Commission, which holds public hearings for citizen input and involvement. It also halts the issuance of additional public works right-of-ways encroachment permits, while the Small Cell Telecommunication Ordinance is drafted and adopted. 


Just like here in Upland, people believe cellphone antennas can NEVER ever go into residential areas because our municipal code doesn’t allow it. Upland residents believe that if they live on the border of a residential zone that shares a boundary line with a mixed use zone, or a commercial zone or a industrial zone, that if our Planning Commission were to approve a cellphone antenna in one of those other zones, it would at-least be 200 feet away from their residential property line. That is exactly what our municipal states. But instead, residents are waking up to find out that 5G cellphone antennas have been permitted by public works departments and can go in 20 feet from people’s bedroom windows.

Residents in the Bay Area were in the exact same position as Upland residents are in today. In Mill Valley, residents started a letter writing campaign and wrote to their city council members and their council members immediately took action to stop this 5G permitting practice, through the adoption an urgency ordinance, over cancer concerns. We need to do the same thing in Upland because we don’t have the luxury of the next 7 months to waste redrafting our ordinances while remaining totally unprotected. Each new permit application through the Upland Public Works Department, has a 60 day processing window attached to it. In 7 months time, 20 additional permits could be issued to anyone in the wireless industry who applies for one.

In this article from Danville, California, the mayor and a councilmen are being so transparent because they are proud of the job they did protecting the public and retaining their local control regarding fighting back against 5G deployment. In Upland, we can’t get our mayor and our city manager to give us the right-of-ways permits and applications for those permits, that public works has already processed for telecommunication facilities, so we can see what has been done to us without our knowledge. I am so sorry to every resident in Upland. This is totally inexcusable behavior!

The Danville article also tells us that the FCC new rules for 5G small cell antennas installations, still allows aesthetic control by our local planning boards if they are,” 1) reasonable, 2) no more burdensome than applied to other infrastructure deployments and 3) objective and published in advance.” Unfortunately, Jeanette Vagnozzi, Mayor Debbie Stone and City Attorney James Markman have taken control away from all of us and the Upland Planning Commission as well! Because of them, I am very afraid for the future health of our entire community. If Jeannette Vagnozzi and James Markmen don’t want to fight the FCC, I would ask our city council to fire them both immediately and retain the lawyer firm of Best, Best & Krieger who is representing half of the municipalities in this state who are brave enough to fight back against the wireless industry and the FCC.

Attorneys at Best, Best and Krieger aren’t afraid to go head-to-head with the FCC over such egregious 5G demands such as, “Within a 60-day window, localities must complete processing of all approvals – including property access, zoning approvals, building, electrical, and traffic permits – and conduct any environmental and historic preservation reviews that may be required to act on an application to place a facility that may be the size of a large refrigerator in the public rights-of-way.” You can follow the entire legal fight, here. Without immediately adopting an urgency ordinance, this fight is completely over because our city manager allowed this to happen in Upland without informing our city council, the planning commission, nor the general public, how she had chosen to handle 5G deployment for Upland.


She rendered the entire town unconscious to what is happening right under our watchful eyes, because she withheld how she had instructed her staff to process applications from wireless carriers. The harm she has allowed to take place in Upland which will ultimately affect our health and our biggest investments, is criminal. She is unfit to manage the Animal Shelter, let alone our entire city!  Please take a moment to sign the Petition to Support The Friends of The Upland Animal Shelter and our petition demanding our council protect our health and our personal and private property rights.

What Upland is doing under the failed non-leadership of Mayor Debbie Stone and her City Manager Jeanette Vagnozzi, who is a resident of La Verne, is to bend over and take 5G deployment and make it as easy as humanly possible for the wireless industry to install their untested 5G technology, 20 feet away from our bedroom windows! Jeanette Vagnozzi should be fired immediately JUST FOR THAT and Mayor Debbie Stone recalled! On Monday, April 29th, 2019, City Manger Jeanette Vagnozzi’s contractual stipulation stating that she can’t be firedEXPIRES! That ridiculous provision dictated that our new council can’t terminate Vagnozzi during her 1st 90 days on the job, since our newest Councilmember Bill Velto was sworn into office in on 1/28/19. If council doesn’t finally fire her at the end of this month, the public and our city employees will NEVER be able to overlook their continued inaction.

It has been 5 months of pure hell for our city where 92% of our general city employees and 100% of UPD’s sworn personnel have taken votes of NO CONFIDENCE IN OUR OUTRAGEOUS CITY MANAGER JEANETTE VAGNOZZI, MONTHS AGO!!!! It has been 5 months of pure hell for Upland residents who worked like dogs all last year, to elect a totally new city council for the next four. Yet we have been saddled with the same bad actors who we thought would have left the stage with the outgoing council cronies, after the 2018 general election.

I imagine the last 5 months of being stuck with Jeanette Vagnozzi has been pure hell for some of our current council members too, who have been handcuffed with the former council’s baggage, literally. It will remain a horrible memory in the hearts and minds of most Upland residents and nearly every Upland employee, the night of November 28th, 2018. That is when our former failed and defunct outgoing city council, promoted Jeanette Vagnozzi from being Upland’s City Clerk, HR Director and Deputy City Manager and made her new city manager at their very last council meeting ever! That final bad act increased Vagnozzi’s pay to a whopping $311,000 a year, plus gave her a contract where our new council couldn’t fire her for the next 5 hellish months. That non-firing period EXPIRES AS OF MONDAY, APRIL 29TH!  

Many residents saw Vagnozzi’s 11th hour promotion and HUGE BUMP IN COMPENSATION as some kind of palm greasing to keep a plethora of events sequestered. If nothing else, many residents fell it kept the person directly involved with the sins and stupidity of our former city council as their gate keeper, long enough to shred 4 years of bad acts. Let’s be honest, the night Vagnozzi got the job promotion, the former council had just be voted out and the newly elected council hadn’t been sworn in yet and pledged to bring in a higher state authority to Upland to conduct a long overdue FORENSIC AUDIT! 

It is time to cut the cord and allow someone else to have Vagnozzi’s $311,000 a year job, to work a 4 day work week. The residents and the city employees can’t stomach the sight of her another minute. What else has to go wrong before she is terminated? I know the whole town is waiting with baited breath with the hope that finally now, as her no firing clause has finally sunset on Monday, April 29th, that our city council will right this wrong course and be able to relieve her of her duties and start anew. I hope and pray they will and I have faith that 4 of them can.


Got a comment, question or suggestion, please use the contact form below!




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