Upland residents just showed all of Southern California what they’re made of in the past seven days. Since learning on Monday, June 22nd, that their beloved Police Chief had been suspended for refusing to go along with rampant political cronyism and an agenda set by a shadow government, Upland residents have come out swinging and succeeded in getting Goodman reinstated. I now dedicate this entire website and every word in it, to you the readers, who are in every sense of the word, Upland’s Avengers! And today my friends, we celebrate our biggest victory yet. Come on in to the party, by clicking below.


This saga has been as riveting as any Marvel movie. Upland’s residents have stood united for the past seven days and said, NO MORE! If you don’t think this intense political pressure had everything to do with Goodman’s reinstatement, would be sadly mistaken. Now the residents of Upland are celebrating on social media and spreading the news far and wide.

This joyous day of celebration, is expected to go on all night long. 

For this validation and vindication to happen on the Chief’s actual birthday, is the cherry on top of the loaded ice cream sunday. I want Chief Goodman to know, the residents of Upland are so happy to have you reinstated and everyone wishes you the happiest birthday ever, on this historic day.

The Upland Report is declaring June 29th, Chief Goodman Day! 

I’ve been so happy all day, I’ve lost count of how many happy dances I’ve done today, but I know there’s been more than this.

In closing, I am wondering when City Manager Rosemary Hoerning is going to have to explain herself and account for her actions. It seems the only way that will happen, is if Councilwoman Janice Elliott can get a second member of city council to support her in wanting to add evaluating Hoerning’s job performance, to an upcoming city council meeting agenda. As of this writing today, that has not happened. Being that Hoerning has received two pay raises since she was promoted from the Public Works Department to Upland City Manager, she owes everyone an explanation and an apology.

I sincerely want each of you to pat yourselves on the back, seriously. Reach back there right now and slap yourselves silly. I am so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourselves. Without you, Goodman would still be suspended. Please believe that! Your activism just changed the tide and brought back the best Police Chief Upland ever had.

I can never thank you enough for reading these reports and doing what is necessary, when it is necessary, every time, all the time. I wish each of you a wonderful week and I am busting with pride at what you just accomplished and I hope you are too. Truly, it is all because of each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friends.

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  1. It’s time for UPLANDS crooked city officials to own up to there shenanigans, especially the retired chief of police. As a residence of upland I am demanding answers and seeking resignations.


  2. This is a fantastic idea. Cheers to you, to our Uplanders, to Chief Darren Goodman’s team and to Chief Darren Goodman, himself. What a fabulous day!!


  3. In reference to the Subject Matter, I offer the following comments from my personal experiences within Upland’s City Departments:

    Being a “turnaround” specialist and hoping to “make a difference” in my wife’s hometown (mine for the past 30 years too) I volunteered to serve approximately 2,000 hours on management issues to Upland’s City Manager in the early part of the last decade and worked within each department on Management/Operational issues. Ultimately, I resigned because of the overt cronyism, flagrant disrespect for the law and the lack of personal integrity exemplified by certain City Council members and high-level Staff within the City. It seemed that “Self-Interest” was the rule of order. Upon leaving I commented to my wife that I had never observed such wide-spread corruption at the upper levels of a public organization in my 40+ years of working as an executive employee, consultant, mentor, advisor and/or director for non-profit, for-profit, private and public organizations, and that I would never work for the City of Upland again. To date, I have worked for 100+ entities, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations in most of the US states and approximately 30 international countries (primarily W/E Europe, Africa, Japan, Mexico, Canada, So. America). If interested, please review my Personal & LinkedIn websites below.

    Proving again that one should never say “never”, I met Chief Goodman last year and after two meetings he not only convinced me to come to work for UPD as a Management Intern (all he could afford), but managed to stir up my desires for assisting UPD in its own turnaround venture. For the past six months I have been honored to observed Chief Goodman directly in his operational and managerial capacities. Having spent most of the past 15 years working on employee behavioral issues such as productivity and motivation, I can state unequivocally that I have never met or observed anyone with the mental acumen and leadership ability of Chief Goodman while simultaneously having the ability to communicate at every level within the organization and developing respect and trust among his staff, and convincing most of them to remain with UPD even though the pay scale is 30-40 percent less than every municipality in the adjoining areas.

    Finally, in my opinion, It is highly improbable that the City of Upland could ever find anyone with comparable credentials of Chief Goodman to consider as its next leader, regardless of the pay scale. I simply would recommend that our City Government start treating Chief Goodman with the respect he deserves, and if any issues ever arise that requires any kind of inquiry, do so as “provided by the rule of law”. (Unfortunately, I don’t know why he was put on administrative leave!)

    Thanks for allowing me to express my views and, if desired, you may print any or all of this letter.

    Best Regards,

    Neal H


  4. Dear Editor and Upland Report readers, yes, this is vindication at its finest. Yet, we still have the cronies to deal with. I hope they see the light at the end of the sewer. With the exception of Janice Elliot and maybe (just maybe) Rudy Zuniga, this City Council needs to bid its farewell and leave the City of Upland with what it has left to salvage. We want to keep our parks, our dignity, our small-town feel and yes, our gracious living.


  5. Comment For Publishing : We would like to have Upland’s City Council do what they were elected to do . Work for Upland’s best interest .
    Obviously that was not the case in this last few weeks . Our Mayor was weak and disappointing. The City Manager has to go . And she received a raise ? Seriously? Why ! Did you also buy her a box of chocolates!


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