Chief Goodman’s Attorney Attended 9/28 Council Meeting To Report Ongoing Retaliation, Harassment & Sabotage Against Goodman By City Manager Rosemary Hoerning! Read The Bombshell Letter Goodman’s Lawyer Delivered To Council Here!

All I can say is WOW, WOW, OMG & WOW! Plus, unbelievable, sickening, disgusting, typical, villainous and shameless! With only 35 days until the election with the Mayor’s race, City Treasurer, two new Councilmembers, selling 12% of Memorial Park (Measure Q) and Chief Goodman’s future in Upland on the line, it is paramount new leadership is elected who will end the decades long rampant cronyism and corruption, once and for all. In this report, you’ll be able to read the 4-page utterly explosive legal letter that Goodman’s attorney just delivered to the council on 9/28, which articulates perfectly how unrelenting the established cronyism and corruption really is at the highest levels of city hall. Thank God it’s election time and the remaining bad apples can finally be weeded out by new leadership, who should seize the day and swiftly replace them. Every word in today’s report should be weighed like your town literally depends on it, because indeed it does. Carpe Diem my friends, carpe diem!

It was amazing to watch the public comment section at the end of the 9/28 Upland City Council Meeting and hear the Police Chief’s Attorney Mr. Stephen Larson, reporting to the council members what can only be described as gross misconduct and deliberate sabotage on the part of the city’s highest ranking employee being City Manager Rosemary Hoerning. Try to imagine how bad things really are, when the Police Chief’s Attorney has to show up at a council meeting and sign up to speak for 3-minutes, to appeal to the council’s hopeful sensibilities.

As you can hear in the video above, Larson has lived in Upland since childhood and has a genuine love for the community and cherishes what Chief Goodman brings to his beloved city. Having known Rosemary’s MO since 2016, I was not surprised by anything Larson had to say, as he has a very firm grasp of the dire deficiencies in Mayor Debbie Stone’s leadership and the dysfunction and blatant dishonesty coming out of the City Manager’s Office.

Larson’s heartfelt speech reminded me of my first time addressing the council members when I showed up to my very first Upland City Council Meeting in 2017, to report misconduct and gross incompetence by Rosemary Hoerning when she was still the Public Works Director. I went on to write countless letters to the city council about the way Rosemary Hoerning conducted herself and her highly unprofessional behavior. Let’s take a look at what the Chief’s lawyer had to say about Rosemary Hoerning in his letter from Monday 9/28.

Let’s run through a few of his statements regarding Hoerning’s most recent actions;

“Hoerning issued a Notice cited Chief Goodman for the simple act of we, his lawyers, sending the June Letter. The Notice went so far as to accuse Chief Goodman of insubordination and retaliation…”

“Frankly, Hoerning’s and the City’s attempt to prevent him from exercising those rights is a blatant constitutional violation.”

Hoerning issuing that Notice constituted further retaliation against Chief Goodman based on his conducting the constitutionally protected activity of petitioning the City Council and acting as a whistleblower for ongoing corruption in the City—which, as the City Manager and City Attorney are well aware, involves his cooperation with the FBI’s investigation into that corruption.”

“Her (Hoerning) ongoing harassing and discriminatory conduct towards Chief Goodman on a weekly basis, as well as her regular efforts to circumvent the chain of command and undermine his authority, we can draw no other conclusion than that this investigation is not only an improper fishing expedition, but is designed to cause uncertainty and distress amongst Department personnel, making it even harder for Chief Goodman to do his job on behalf of the citizens of Upland.”

Why does Hoerning still have a job in Upland? Why is the Chief of Police having to spend his own money on legal fees to defend himself against Mayor Stone and City Manager Rosemary Hoerning? Since Mayor Stone is named in every legal letter thus far as being totally complicit with this egregious behavior, please show her the door on November 3rd. This new incoming council needs to believe their beloved Police Chief’s assessment and account of his experiences with Hoerning, which are fully described in the multiple letters from his lawyer.

This new council needs to reconcile that just because they haven’t been a target of Hoerning yet and may not have seen her troubling behavior patterns yet, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Clearly there are huge glaring problems here and frankly, the problems are the city manager and the mayor. Just with the Chief’s legal letters and the City Treasurer’s resignation letter from last month, there is a cache of evidence why the council needs to find another city manager pronto. What on earth will it take? It will take Mayor Debbie Stone losing her reelection bid by a landslide, plus, the two new councilmembers voting together to relieve Hoerning of her duties, after they’re sworn in this December.

As a reminder, there is a candidate’s forum on Wednesday night 9/30 at city hall that starts at 6 PM. Hopefully the city will live stream it here. Regardless if they do or don’t, that entire video will be posted here on Thursday, as well as, two other videos from the citizen’s hosted candidates forums from 9/21 and 9/22. It is vitally important you learn as much as you can about the 13 people asking for your vote on Nov 3rd, so you can learn about the handful that will actually be capable of making a radical course correction for the city.

I want to thank you for embodying the spirit of which is responsible for the creation of this website, which can be summarized by the following quote by Thomas Jefferson, “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.” You are doing an incredible job of righting so many wrongs in the City of Upland and everyone reading this, should be so proud of what you’re accomplishing together. Bravo my friends, bravo!

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2 thoughts on “Chief Goodman’s Attorney Attended 9/28 Council Meeting To Report Ongoing Retaliation, Harassment & Sabotage Against Goodman By City Manager Rosemary Hoerning! Read The Bombshell Letter Goodman’s Lawyer Delivered To Council Here!

  1. HERE WE GO AGAIN…Just because the individual is in an appointed position…Chief of Police…or in an administrative position…Chief of Police…or even in a lessor “non-unionized rank…such as a captain, lieutenant or sergeant…DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT PROTECTED BY THE “PEACE OFFICERS BILL OF RIGHTS.” A lesson the city should have learned with the “dismissal” of the two captains approx 2 years ago and over which the city is having to make a costly out-of-court settlement. AND, in this case, amplified by the FACT that Chief Goodman is doing an exceptionally good job of carrying out his SWORN duties. This behavior by the Mayor and City Manager is “DESPICABLE”.

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  2. After last nights meeting, this council better get rid of Rosemary and the city attorney. Upland is headed for some serious losses in court that will make millionaire Marty’s money look like chump change. Mark my words, Rosemary is looking at personal liability along with Marty and Mr Larsen is very well equipped to take the city apart, just like he did with Ramos.


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