Upland Election Ushers In New Mayor, New Treasurer & Two New Councilmembers! Mayor Stone Is Out & Memorial Park Stays Intact! New Council & Treasurer Sworn In Dec 14th!

This transformative election with so much on the line, just completely changed the make-up of the city council and showed any spectators that Uplanders are paying very close attention. The results are also an exclamation point on the outgoing Stone regime’s failed policies and the question of whether or not Upland Public Parks are for sale!

Musical Video Montage to Celebrate the 2020 Upland Election Results.

I asked my family members for theme song video suggestions for this historic Upland Report. Their picks were all so funny, I decided to make a montage of all of them. The last song choice was my pick. When I met my husband, we were in the 8th grade and I was on the drill team. He would ride his BMX bike clear across town like 10 miles to my bi-weekly dance classes, so he could take me to the ice cream shop for a sundae afterwards, while I waited for my mom to pick me up. Having known me that long, he knows if the right song comes on it’s an absolute certainty, my spontaneous dancing will occur.

Needless to say when I revealed my theme song choice for this report, I was of course busting a move doing the “Too Legit To Quit” dance in the video above and my husband, decided to blackmail me. He secretly recorded my election happy dance and only agreed to delete the video, after a prolonged deep tissue foot massage from me. I just wanted everyone to know the hardships I have to endure to bring you these awesome free reports!

Before we breakdown the local elections results, I wanted to give a huge UPLAND REPORT SHOUT OUT TO LOIS SICKING DIETER! Lois is a friend and she ran a hell of a campaign to be Upland’s next mayor. I admire her bravery, tenacity, work ethic, her commitment to Upland and her dedication to its citizens. I pray Lois continues to insert herself in everything Upland, because everyone is better off when she does so. I sincerely thank Lois for her hard fought fight and I salute her great and exhaustive efforts.

The local election results didn’t start being posted on the county’s website until 11:11 PM last night! What we learned immediately is that Mayor Debbie Stone was VOTED OUT OF OFFICE by an incredibly healthy margin! That’s because Uplanders are stone cold geniuses and I LOVE EVERY ONE OF YOU!

You just saved Chief Goodman’s tenure in Upland and you literally, just overhauled the entire city council over night. You also inserted another financial watchdog City Treasurer, being Greg Bradley. You just elected Bill Velto as your next Mayor, Shannan Maust in District 1 and Carlos Garcia in District 3, to the Upland City Council. Plus, as of right now, you have also SAVED ALL OF MEMORIAL PARK & DEFEATED MEASURE Q! And thanks to Velto’s dogged interrogation of City Attorney Steven Flower and San Antonio Hospital’s Attorney back in late August, we know the contract to sell 12% of Memorial Park to the hospital, is now going to be declared terminated!

The screenshots below are from the ROV website as of 1PM on November 4th!

Here is a touching video Carlos Garcia recorded this morning, expressing his heartfelt and humble gratitude for his city council win.

The new council will be sworn in on December 14th. Also, the next council meeting will be on Monday, November 9th and will start at 7PM and you can watch it live at the link here. Once again, none of these huge victories were even remotely possible without all of you. Please know, I am so grateful and humbly honored to have you as readers and friends. You just changed your world, in the City of Upland! Bravo, Uplanders, bravo!

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5 thoughts on “Upland Election Ushers In New Mayor, New Treasurer & Two New Councilmembers! Mayor Stone Is Out & Memorial Park Stays Intact! New Council & Treasurer Sworn In Dec 14th!

  1. Congrats! You/we did it. Hearing Dora theme song in the backgound :-). Sad Lois didn’t get the win but thankful there were more than enough voters to avoid a split election loss. So now that the park land sale is terminated, when do we throw Amazon to the curb?


    1. Ed, I’ll keep you very posted regarding upcoming court hearings, regarding the ongoing citizen’s litigation trying to stop the Amazon Logistics Terminal. Thank you for reading these reports and for your great comments too.


  2. Congratulations Upland! Congratulations to all our new Elected officials! Thank you for all your efforts and willingness to better our City of Upland.God’s Blessings to all.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This year my wife and I spent the time and created a petition containing over 100 signatures of residents who live on grove avenue north of foothill and presented it to the council. We all requested the city to FINALLY consider fund and schedule the total overhauling of the street which is a main thoroughfare from the 10 fwy to the rest of Upland via 14th st. Since we moved here in 2000 there has been no effort to address this sad condition. Secondary was a request to create means to slow down the speed of traffic on this heavily used road. Our street is a total wreck and the vehicle speed is beyond dangerous.Our presented petition to the city council went on deaf ears and was passed off to the city manager and we have heard NOTHING to this point. Today the road continues to deteriorate; the vehicles plowing through faster. I am encouraged by the new council appointments and hope our concerns will now be heard and met with action and not crickets.


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