“What Defines Our Character In The End, Is How We’ve Dealt With Our Challenges,” Personifies Martha Goss. Founder Of A Remarkable Charity After Heartbreaking Tragedy, Goss Receives An Unexpected Tribute, Republished Here!

While I’ve known San Antonio Water Board Member Martha Goss for years, I’ve learned something new today, that has moved to me to the marrow. That’s because Martha Goss is so humble, she’s never one to promote herself, nor want to be in the spotlight. But when I was on Facebook this morning, I read a tribute piece that was written by someone else and it was so moving, I instantly knew I had to republish it here. So after wiping the tears from my eyes and composing myself, I sat down and put this post together, so that you could read the tribute too. And while I’ve admired Martha Goss tremendously before today, I now want to do everything I can to help promote awareness of her charity, because the work it is doing is so vitally helpful to others, during the most painful time of their lives. So please, take a few minutes to read the below and consider making a donation of any size, to this amazing local non-profit charity.

Please know, I have never asked my readers for a cent. These reports have been a true labor of love for the City of Upland and it’s amazing residents. I feel overjoyed that there’s finally a functioning city council, where I’ve felt the city is in such capable hands, that I’ve been able to go on auto pilot for a few months. Heck, even the CNC building which has been an empty albatross for so long, finally has a happy ending too, with Tesla now moving into the building.

Please rest assured, that once the candidate filing deadline closes and we know if anyone files to run against Councilmembers Carlos Garcia, Janice Elliott or Rudy Zuniga, I’ll be back to writing my heart out again very shortly. Until then, I do hope you will feel as compelled as I do, after reading the below, to write a check to the Rebecca Goss Foundation at 8787 Flower Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. 91730. If you have found any value in these reports over the years, I would consider it a great personal favor, if you would donate now.

You may remember from this prior report, that it was Martha and John Goss who are largely responsible in my opinion, for all property owners in Upland and San Antonio Heights, getting their illegal Fire Department Annexation Tax back! And in addition to that, Martha has served more than honorably for years, on the San Antonio Water Board and is more than an asset to residents in that capacity.

While I have followed Martha on FB for years, she’s so humble, that she never brags or boasts about her charitable activities. And while I’ve known that Martha had a charity, I didn’t know until today, what the charity does with the money it raises. I want to thank the woman that enlightened me today, by taking her time to write the most moving tribute I’ve ever read in my life and posting it on Facebook. Her name is Jamie Walters and this is what she wrote:


“This is a story I have been meaning to share for some time, but I was having trouble coming up with a good way to say what I wanted to say … now as the months have passed, I think I have it.

What defines our character in the end, is how we dealt with our challenges ….

About seven months ago, Hot Rockin Spook (Copper) and I had the honor of co-winning the the Rebecca Goss “Boo-Yaah” Perpetual Memorial Trophy for Limited Non Pro at the CRHA Reining Challenge. This trophy was created by Martha Goss following the tragic 2007 death of her 16-year-old daughter, Rebecca, in an automobile accident. At the time of her death “Becca,” an avid reiner, was ranked 3rd in California in Youth Reining, and she had the goal of winning the Limited Non Pro at the CRHA Challenge on her wonderful horse, Max. Sadly, she passed before this goal was met.

A week after Rebecca died, another tragedy struck. Several of Rebecca’s high school classmates were headed home from a school trip down Highway 395, when their van was hit head on. Ten of the 12 students aboard were killed. Martha was told of this devastating accident and she asked how she could help. She was told that many of the students’ families could not afford to bury their children, and she SPRUNG INTO ACTION. Amazingly, despite her own deep state of grief, she quickly raised the money to bury these children and thus began the Rebecca Goss “Boo-yaah” Memorial Foundation.

To date, the Rebecca Goss “Boo-yaah” Memorial Foundation, an official 501(c)(3) charity, has raised thousands of dollars and has quietly and discreetly buried over 50 children from as far away as Alaska and the Philippines. No one who has requested help has ever been turned away. Additionally, the Foundation has also awarded many academic scholarships to those in need wishing to pursue careers in veterinary medicine as this field, as well as being a horse trainer, had been lifelong dreams of Becca’s.

I spoke with Martha recently and asked her about Becca. She explained that Becca was a very kind and strong young woman who always “shared her knowledge” with others and was quick to come to the aid of those “in the shadows or bullied.” She was tenacious, but not an attention seeker, instead preferring a quieter approach, as she navigated through her life as a 16-year-old with dreams of becoming a very accomplished rider and horse trainer. Martha described her as “my best friend who would stand by me, but not in my shadow.”

I then asked Martha how she was able to carry on after Becca’s passing, and she had the most beautiful words: First, she told me, “I am the most luckiest unlucky person I know.” She explained that after Becca’s death she grew closer to her family and friends, and for that she is so deeply blessed and grateful. Her relationship with God was strengthened. She then continued with these wise words of experience, “Life is so temporary, joy is so fleeting, grab it with both hands and hold on to it when it is presented to you.” She explained that by helping others she was able to heal herself.

Finally, Martha wanted me to know that her friends and family offered her the most comfort and support when they gave her a hug and just listened to her grieve. With respect to moving forward and building Becca’s Memorial Foundation, she insisted that, “None of this would have been possible without the loving help of my husband and knight in shining armor, John, my children and grand children, and last but not least, the generous contribution of my fellow horsemen and horsewomen. To all of them, I want to say, ‘Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the greatest team of people I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my heart and soul with.’”

As I write this, I guess what I am most moved by is Martha’s rise when called upon, she rose like a phoniex at the time of HER GREATEST DESPAIR and HELPED THOSE LESS FORTUNATE.

… and then there are those that rise like a phoenix, from the ashes of despair, to spread their wings and become more courageous than they thought possible.

Martha had the capacity and empathy to recognize others going through pain similar to her own, and she had the strength to make their lives a little easier (all while at the lowest point of her life.)

So while I want to honor Martha’s beautiful daughter, Rebecca Goss, and this lovely award created in her honor, I also want to acknowledge Martha’s incredible strength and courage as a mother helping others, and her gracious acknowledgement of those who helped and supported her at her lowest.

In truth, we are all “mothers” in some form, and it is my hope that we are able to “see” those around us who could use a helping hand, reach out to them, and make their life a little easier, like Martha did and still does. Finally, may we hug our family and friends a little tighter as this is something we should never take for granted.” By Jamie Walters

Please consider making a tax deductible charitable donation to the Rebecca Goss “Boo-yaah” Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity. Please make your checks payable to the Rebecca Goss Foundation and mail to 8787 Flower Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. 91730

In closing today, I would like to formally recognize the passing of my dear friend Marian Nichols on April 27th, 2022. Marian would painstakingly print hard copies of these reports and deliver them to Upland seniors who weren’t internet savvy. She always proofread these reports religiously and encouraged me to keep writing always. Below is a copy of my social media post from 4/28/22 about her passing, which got countless comments on multiple Upland FB Group Pages.

And that’s going to wrap it up today my friends. Everyone be sure to enjoy the Lemon Festival this weekend and thank you for reading, as always.

Got a comment, question or suggestion, please use the contact form below.


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