What’s Wrong With Upland’s Nextdoor Group? Some Local Monitors, For Starters…..

ANY NEXTDOOR MEMBERS ~ DO NOT SEND PRIVATE MESSAGES USING NEXTDOOR, BECAUSE NEXTDOOR IS READING THEM! Have you noticed, there is NO WAY TO DELETE YOUR ND PRIVATE MESSAGES EVER! In addition, we have heard from an IMPECCABLE SOURCE the extent that our CITY HAS CONTROLLED ND! BUT, our source is NOT, Councilwoman Janice Elliott, as they predate her. We filed a Public Records Request on 10/23 which is below, to obtain those records, to publish them.



And while Councilwoman Janice Elliott WAS NOT OUR SOURCE, she did however, recently post a comment on Nextdoor, saying that she hopes that UPD, who monitors Upland Nextdoor Members, isn’t discriminating against Upland Residents and violating their 1st Amendment Right ~ Freedom of Speech ~ Protected by the United States Constitution.


And how about this for a smoking gun?

NEXTDOOR PUBLIC RECORDS: UPLAND MODERATORS (LEADS) ARE DELETING MEMBERS POSTS! And Nextdoor Members are reporting other Nextdoor Members to the UPD Nextdoor Administrator & asking for members to NOT be allowed to participate in the app! Explosive emails between UPD & ND Agency Support, HERE!

“Dear Clerk, City Manager, Mayor, City Attorney and City Council Members,

I am requesting all records regarding Nextdoor.com, including any UPD records, budgets, payments made and to whom, notes, electronic databases, lists, files, independent contractor’s agreements, reports, internal emails, notifications, digital files, names, etc., to include absolutely any and everything that exists that the City of Upland has and furnish those records to me, within the 10 statutory days, that you have to compile those records and surrender them.” 

AND NEXTDOOR HAS SUSPENDED ME for posting a comment in a highly contentious posts of someone else, about them been furious that our city is about to raise our water rates for the next 5 years, during a Public Hearing scheduled on March 12th, 2018. In the post, I noticed the wife of a councilmen was leading and steering residents towards accepting the rate hikes, without telling them that she was the wife of a councilmen.

water ph

“I’m sorry but I find it very problematic what’s going on here. As we are hearing justification for raising our water rates substantially, year after year, higher and higher, for each year from 2018-2022, by the spouse of someone expected to vote for those yearly rate hikes on 3/12/18. That’s a conflict of interest to objectivity in my opinion and I don’t appreciate it. And I think it is very disingenuous to those others here, that don’t who they are hearing this information from. I think in the future, should spouses of sitting council members, choose to insert themselves in political hot potatoes on social media like this, they should state that they are the spouse of a city councilperson, when choosing to sheer the dialog and convert the opinions of the general public on social media, when weighing in on local political issues, so there are no more misunderstandings or confusion.” 

I email Nextdoor Corporate Support to tell them that my local LEADS removed that comment within minutes and then locked me out of the site. Next Corporate replied;

FEB 05, 2018  |  09:47PM PST 
Garrett replied:

Hi April,

I think we’ve had this conversation many times. I’ve let you back on the website prior and each time, you violate the Community Guidelines soon thereafter. At this time, your account is going to stay suspended. Best, Garret

FEB 05, 2018  |  10:51PM PST 
April replied:

Hi Garret, explain to me, how did I violate the ND Regs?  What guideline or reg, did my only 1 comment violate, since getting reinstated after a 3 month suspension, where my only offense was posting a Public Hearing Notice about the City of Upland installing a cellphone tower at a children’s playground! Does ND have no regs about political figures soap boxing on contentious political topics? Even our local newspaper and I even believe FB, require disclosing public figures (which includes their spouses), when those public figures are engaged in showing support of a contentious political issue. And the wife of a councilmen is a public figure! On Upland ND currently, members are calling each other douche bags in the news-feed without being removed and it been days. I guess you can call some members douche bags on ND and others members, you can’t call the “wife” of a city councilmen! How is that possible? I posted a comment saying that the wife of a councilmen member, should have to disclose who she is, when actively steering political debate. I did not even mention her name! What ND regs did I break?  Please enlighten me? Thank you.  

FEB 07, 2018  |  04:43PM PST
Garrett replied:

Hi April,

You flagged many comments that weren’t in violation of the Community Guidelines, which is also a violation of the guidelines. Best, Garrett


FEB 07, 2018  |  4:57PM PST 
April replied:

Garret, so 20 people flag me. I flag only 3 people in the post, who were attacking and disparaging me and others. If I thought those 3 and their comments, violated the regs, isn’t that up to their LEADS to determine, if action will be taken by against them? Now I am banned for thinking incorrectly that (3 abusive members) that their comments violated ND guidelines. I reported only those who were rude, ganging up on everyone and I bit my tough, didn’t blast them back, didn’t even identify who the councilmen’s wife was, nor did I publicly shame her. And all that I did, was reported them! Now that’s a crime, too. Your company is going to get sued in a class action lawsuit, by countless Upland Residents. Congratulations. Best, April


And should you find yourselves a TARGET of NEXTDOOR (City of Upland) here is the contact information for ND Corporate Support, ND Press & ND Legal. Not that they will help you, (because they NOT WILL), but so that we have this insanity documented, on the RECORD.

GARRET is the MOST SENIOR PERSON AT ND CORPORATE SUPPORT, so address anything you email ND to him;

help@nextdoor.com, help@hs.email.nextdoor.com, no-reply@rs.email.nextdoor.com, press@nextdoor.com,

Nextdoor Legal Department
875 Stevenson Street, Suite 700,
San Francisco, CA 94103

Because instead of Upland Nextdoor, being a place where neighbors can organize and take action, it is the place, where community organization is impossible, where censorship as bad or worse than China or North Korea exists. Members trying to organize are locked out of the site, member’s private messages are being read by Nextdoor. And what exists now, is either entrapment or a blatant attempt to deny Upland Residents due process, notification of current Upland events and it is frankly, the most unhealthy and hostile environment, we have ever seen in our entire life!


Have a Comment, Question or Suggestion, Use Contact For Below;





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