The City of Upland, WITHOUT A PUBLIC HEARING, just VOTED to LICENSE our city’s LIGHT-POLES and the right-of-ways to big TELECOM for the installation of 5G DAS, Small Cellphone Tower Antennas, that industry is placing every 3 to 10 homes, in test markets on light-poles directly outside of homes! Here is the VIDEO!


The California Department of Health, just warned us all, about the health risks associated with just using a cellphone! 


UPDATE 2/28/18:  To whomever is concerned about this issue, the following attempts have been made to gather more information from the City of Upland on 2/27/18. And on 2/28/18 Mobilitie has also been contacted. Mobilite is supposed to have their Company’s PR Person and their Attorney who signed the 30 Year Agreement with our city, plus, whoever else that can provide additional information, to return our call ASAP!

“Dear City Manager Bill Manis, Deputy City Manager AKA City Clerk Jeanette Vagnozzi, 
As someone who has an Upland Radiation Blog and who read the basic agenda last Friday, I never would have deducted from the Consent Calendar footnote about an easement for telecommunication equipment, could ever mean, the approval of DAS 5G Base Station Antennas on City Light-Poles. Not for a million dollars in cash, could I, who have authored Unified Development Ordinances for a county and who served on a County Planning Board, ever made that connection.
And obviously, nor did anyone else in Upland. How can a multi-page, 30 year licensing agreement, to install the most controversial cellphone base station antennas in front of people’s homes, NOT HAVE A PUBLIC HEARING? Jeanette, in writing, you have previously told me, Consent Calendar Items are NOT PUBLIC HEARINGS and you have refused my comment letters before, regarding Consent Calendar items. What in world can be done, to broaden transparency so residents can participate in the process and understand Basic English and get a clue, as to what the written description in your Consent Calendars, even mean? Who prepares these agendas? They should have been relieved on their duties last year.
Mr. Manis, it is unimaginable that Claremont would conduct their council meeting like this or have agendas that our so cryptic, where it is blatantly obvious, our city wants no public participation and operates like a smoky back room during council meetings. This type of smoke and mirrors, is like a kangaroo court. There is so much intense interest and concern regarding the DAS BASE STATION ANTENNAS ON LIGHT-POLES, THAT COUNCIL JUST APPROVED, that over 1,000 Upland residents have read an article I published about this issue today.

How may our city’s residents participate and be heard and understand your placement of such issues in the Consent Calendars, using such vague language, that no one can even understand what happened? Will Upland NOT allow the public to know anything about this and hold an actual public hearing, so citizens can at least, voice their concerns and objections? This is so extremely troubling to me, that our city, is still being run like this, under a new City Manager. Please respond. Thank you.” Emailed 2/27/18

Our INSANE CITY COUNCIL CABAL just VOTED to LICENSE our city’s LIGHT-POLES, to big TELECOM for the installation of 5G DAS, Small Cellphone Tower Antennas, using untested Millimeter Waves that are biologically active and interact with human skin. Industry is placing these light-pole cellular base station antennas, every 3 to 10 homes, only 1/10th of a mile apart from each, in residential neighbors, in the test markets! Here is that VOTE on VIDEO from 2/26/18!

Our City Council is so DERELICT IN THEIR DUTIES and their Agenda Items are ALWAYS so CRYPTIC, with HUGE ITEMS HIDDEN in their Consent Calendar, that read;


Their Consent Calendar, are items considered to be routine general housekeeping issues, NOT REQUIRING A PUBLIC HEARING, WITH NO DISCUSSION & WITH NO PUBLIC INPUT!

Consent Agenda

Here is the VIDEO!


AS NO ONE IN UPLAND OBJECTED, BECAUSE NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS! And that’s just the way they like it! And the TERM of the contract, is for 10 years, with 4 automatic 5 year extensions. That’s 30 years folks! 

The licensing agreement, has an Exhibit “A” for 6 initial locations now! BUT, Mobilite, a Las Vegas Corporation, can add more DAS Small Cellphone Tower Antennas at other locations in Upland on city or Edison owned light-poles, or under our city streets or in the right-of-ways, increasing and enlarging their licensed coverage areas, via a simple executed amendment to this agreement. Which again would be a Consent Calendar Item, with NO PUBLIC HEARING! 


They just told you what they plan to do above, by stating “The parties shall execute an amendment to this Agreement, modifying Exhibit “A” as to any agreed-upon additional equipment, facilities, or enlargement of the Licensed Areas.” And after they install these first 6, in these residential neighborhoods below, per the contract, Upland’s consent allowing them to install more, can NOT be “unreasonably withheld.”


The addresses for the first 6 DAS UNITS ON LIGHT-POLES ARE;  # 1. 923-999 San Bernadino Rd. # 2. 1432 Chaffee Street. 3. 1389-1499 E. 19th Street. # 4. 324 N 11th Ave. # 5. 1460 Historic Rte 66 (Foothill Blvd). # 6. 1633 N. Mountain Ave.

Exhibit A

And from their Staff Report under their Consent Calendar Items, allowing 5G DAS CELLPHONE ANTENNAS ON CITY LIGHT-POLES, here is a simulated picture, next to an apartment complex! Again, here is their VOTE to allow this, in this VIDEO from 2/26/18!

Same Cell In Upland

And why are we 1,000,000% positive that Mobilite will have to expand their licensed coverage area? Because that is what the Telecom Industry has already said has to be done to use Milimeter Waves and 5G! Because Millimeter Waves via DAS units, do NOT go through buildings as well as current technology and 4G Microwaves do. And Millimeter Waves, via DAS units on light-poles, have to be installed every 1/10th to 1/4 of a mile. And Telecom is already installing DAS units elsewhere every 3 to 10 homes, in the test markets! PERIOD!!!!

And although these new DAS cellphone towers look small and unassuming, they are extremely powerful. The DAS units, in the test cities listed below, are being installed only 10′ to 15′ feet away from children’s bedroom windows and positioned at every 3 to 10 homes. We’re talking about being installed just a few hundred feet apart! In the video below, 30 DAS units are installed in a 3 square mile residential radius. And because each carrier needs their own DAS units, that averages 1 DAS unit, every 1/10th of a mile, directly in front of someone’s home. 

And while we already have an Upland Radiation Blog, to warn the general public about things exactly like this, we thought this was years away from needing to be fought out in Upland, because there are only supposed to be test and pilot cities currently, that are getting these new untested DAS Small Cell Tower Antennas. The rest of the country is supposed to have until 2020 ish, to have to defend against this locally, if NOT in an unfortunate test pilot city. The Verizon test cities are Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Bernardsville, Brockton, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Sacramento, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

And normal city officials who care about public health, are joining together and collectively suing their states, to prevent this untested, experimental and these dangerously high frequencies from being installed on light-poles, every 3 to 10 homes, directly outside bedroom windows. Such as in Ohio, where 79 cities in that state are SUING RIGHT NOW TOGETHER, desperately trying to protect their state’s population, from the State. 

But NOT UPLAND, who could give a DAMN about you and doesn’t even allow you the RIGHT to have a PUBLIC HEARING OR PROTEST! The lack of transparency in our city, is so out of all control, Council Members in LOCK STEP with this kind of public insult, should be RECALLED!

Let’s learn about 5G, shall we? Why are doctors, scientists, cities, counties, states and other countries, battling and banning this looming future of DAS Small Cellphone Towers? Which use untested Millimeter Waves, where the cell tower is a now a light-pole outside your bedroom window, with cellphone antennas needing to be installed every 3 to 10 homes and also being installed under city streets!

It’s because these new (DAS) units, short for Distributed Antenna Systems, used in the 5G cellphone deployment, use Millimeter Waves, that is HUGE RED FLAG # 1. The only testing ever done on Millimeter Waves and human beings, has been done by our military. Specifically the Marines, the Department of Defense and the US Navy, who use them very effectively in Electromagnetic Weapons. And our NAVY, is currently testing their Electromagnetic Weapons on animals for the next 5 years, in Washington State! 

And here is a short video from a Scientific Conference by The Environmental Health Trust, about why 5G Millimeter Waves are so dangerous, because they are biological active and interact directly with human skin, specifically the sweat glands and can make people feel like they are on FIRE, like in the military’s video above! 

The website Scientists 4 Wired Technology, has everything you need to know about 5G (Fifth Generation DAS Cellphone Antennas). The website is an invaluable resource, packed with videos, facts and scientists fighting like hell, in California, to protect Californians, from what Upland just did to all of us on 2/26/18! And here are some videos on this exact subject, from their website.

And this is about the creepiest 5 minutes of video ever, besides our Upland City Council meetings. Below is the FCC Chairmen promoting deploying this technology, that they have absolutely no idea how it even works and have done ZERO TESTING ON HUMANS, BESIDES WEAPONS TESTING! And our country, allows us to be exposed to 500 times more radiation per day, than all other industrialized countries of the world, including China!

So what can we, the residents of Upland do about any of this? Not a DAMN thing with our current City Council, who does NOT allow us to have a PUBLIC HEARING TO COMPLAIN OR TRY TO PROTECT OURSELVES OR OUR PROPERTY!!!!

We can however, form a Political Action Committee AND WE WILL HELP FUND & ELECT 3 ALTERNATIVE CANDIDATES RUNNING THIS YEAR, against the CABAL! And our Mayor, can be RECALLED, this year! In fact, there are 18,050 residents in District 1, who she sold out for Sid Robinson whom she appointed to City Council. And now she has allowed her friend Sid, the opportunity to now try to steal Janice Elliott’s District 2 Seat. While the 18,050 Residents in District 1, would LOVE TO SEE HER RECALLED & WOULD SIGN THAT PETITION, AS WE CAN NOT VOTE, NOR HAVE ANY REPRESENTATION IN UPLAND, BECAUSE OF HER!

We can also follow the Call To Action In California To Stop 5G Deployment. 

And if you think, the deployment of cellphone towers on residential light-poles using Millimeter Waves is safe, educate yourself before you allow some idiot to install one right next to your children’s bedroom windows, or your grandchildren’s or your elderly mother! Get the facts on the KNOWN ADVERSE & DEADLY HEALTH EFFECTS HERE!

We can also call our City Manager, Bill Manis. We can ask Bill for a REAL PUBLIC HEARING, BEFORE HE EXECUTES THIS AGREEMENT! However, our City Council told him to execute it NOW! The agreement is already signed and notarized by Mobilite! 

We can also call and email our City Council Members! We can show up at their next City Council meeting on 3/12/17. Which is an ACTUAL Public Hearing about them raising our water rates for the next 5 years and we can speak for 3 minutes regarding that. Then, we can also sign up again at the end of that meeting, to speak again about this DAS CONTRACT WITH NO PUBLIC HEARING, INSTALLING CELLPHONE TOWERS, BASE STATIONS & ANTENNAS, OUTSIDE THE WINDOWS OF UPLAND RESIDENTS!

AT WHAT WILL BE EVERY 3 TO 10 HOMES, DON’T KID YOURSELF! Because there is ZERO reason to sign this agreement otherwise, as the 6 approved on 2/26/18, will NOT work except only right where the initial 6 are! They CAN NOT SPAN THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THE 6, PERIOD! They have to be placed every 1/10th to 1/4 mile apart, which averages out to every 3 to 10 homes, which is exactly what is happening in the test markets! 

We can also call the company Upland just licensed our city light-poles & right-of-ways too and let them know, we are electing new council members this year! So if they think they are going to get an Amendment to expand their network licensing area signed, by some gutless politicians in Upland again, when our current gutless Council Members are going to be run the hell out of town for POOR decisions exactly like this, they are very sadly mistaken!

But go ahead and call them anyway and tell them how much you don’t appreciate, NOT having a PUBLIC HEARING and being denied the basic right to OBJECT TO THEM! Their contact information is below!


660 Newport Center Dr, Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660

877-999-7070 & Network Operations Center 877-244-7889
solutions@mobilitie.com, mnoc@mobilite.com


And the City of Claremont, where our current City Manager Bill Manis is lucky enough to reside, makes any carrier of wireless tech wanting to erect any cellphone towers and antennas, to do a full Environmental Assessment and Impact Study before they are allowed to do JACK SQUAT in Claremont! They also notify surrounding property owners and hold a REAL PUBLIC HEARING! 

Staff Report

You can ask Bill Manis, why he thinks he can come here to work in Upland, forward this Staff Report produced by our inapt Public Works Director Rosemary Hoerning, to our City Council, which works against the citizen’s right to transparency, their public health and their property values? Which advises our City Council to sign a licensing agreement to strap Millimeter Wave, Small Cellphone Towers, Base-Stations, Antennas & Transmitters, onto our city light-poles WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A PUBLIC HEARING! And then he gets to back home, to enjoy one of the most protective and restrictive communities and have protection and transparency there, living in Claremont? Our city’s contact numbers and emails addresses are below:

Upland City Manager Bill Manis 909-931-4106 bmanis@ci.upland.ca.us

Bill’s Secretary Colleen Sendldorfer 909-931-4106 csendldorfer@ci.upland.ca.us

Mayor Debbie Stone 909-256-8787 debbiestoneforupland@gmail.com

Public Works Director Rosemary Hoerning 909-291-2931 rhoerning@ci.upland.ca.us

Council Member Janice Elliott 909-931-4122 janiceelliott4upland@gmail.com

Council Member Carol Timm 909-931-4122 caroltimmuplandcitycouncil@gmail.com

Council Member Sid Robinson 909-931-4122 srobinson@ci.upland.ca.us 

Council Member Gino L. Filippi 909-931-4122 Ginoffvine@aol.com


Copy & Paste Their Email Addresses Below; 

bmanis@ci.upland.ca.uscsendldorfer@ci.upland.ca.us,    debbiestoneforupland@gmail.com,  caroltimmuplandcitycouncil@gmail.com,  janiceelliott4upland@gmail.com,  srobinson@ci.upland.ca.us,  Ginoffvine@aol.comrhoerning@ci.upland.ca.us,


Got a Comment, Question or Suggestion, Please Use The Contact Form Below;








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