Police Raid Supercar Dealership & Owner’s Home Too! Plus, Amazon Update You Don’t Want To Miss!

Well there’s never a dull moment in Upland and the town’s tagline being, “You Can’t Make This Sh!$ Up,” is now reaching heights we never dreamt were possible! We exist to break it all down for you and as always, we have the videos and the most breaking news so buckle up for one hell of a ride, down the Supercar Highway of Hell.

buckle up for a ride down the Supercar Highway of Hell

Well, well, well, well, well, well well….. the crapshow commenced with word first spreading on my friend’s wildly popular FB Group Page – Upland Politics with the post below, which was published on the afternoon of June 10th.

In vetting those details, I was informed by those very much in the know, that the owner’s home suffered the same fate. I know the supercar community is feeling like finally, but unfortunately, since this story broke over two months ago on the YouTube Channel – Normal Guy Supercar, many feel there’s been ample time for “records and assets” to have been “misplaced.” As of this writing, no one knows if the owner was home at the time of yesterday’s “raids,” or if they were even in Upland.

I heard a reputable shop owner that services high-end luxury imports locally, say yesterday, that he heard that the owner of Upland’s Supercar Dealership was now in Florida. Knowing that Florida’s Debtor Protection Homestead Exemption Laws attract folks like OJ and the Enron Executes, that would not surprise me, if it turned out to be true. This USA Today article explains that, “the homestead exemption in Florida enables Simpson to own a home and protect everything inside the home. According to FindLaw.com, “Florida has one of the most generous homestead exemptions found in any state. Unlike many states, Florida’s law doesn’t state the maximum value that may be designated.’’

Interesting enough, there have been no property transfers of the land where the dealership is built, or the land where the owner’s homes are located, as of this writing according to the SB County Tax Assessor’s website and parcel viewing map.

You may recall from reading the last Upland Report, that one of the Supercar Dealership’s customers, a guy named Shane Hammond had reached out to Dan Hurlbert, who runs the Normal Guy Supercar YouTube Channel devoted to the Supercar ownership experience, to ask for Dan’s help. Well Shane’s latest video below giving every jaw dropping detail how Shane, got his own Ferrari back and made the person in Upland who had purchased it from Upland’s now notorious supercar dealership, whole, is truly a movie script in the making. The Upland Report would like to say to Shane, that we tip our hat to you sir, for your efforts are as epic as the Star Wars films and you sir, are a stone cold Jedi Master!

Good Golly Miss Molly

Lord Have Mercy!

If you want the back story to this story, the place to start is with what Newsweek’s Editor Naveed Jamali called, CAR DRAMA PORN,” which are now 16 videos about this subject at Normal Guy Supercar’s YouTube Channel. Then add to that, these outstanding articles written by The Drive and The Sentinel. What a convoluted, unholy mess is this? I’ve heard the victim count is now somewhere in the high 50s. Until we know what the Police at DMV were able to uncover and recover, these raids are a small comfort to the victims, looking for justice and punishment to prevail.

We ALL certainly hope they get their day in court and recover what is to owed to them and more. Talk about day in court, the residents of Upland are about to get their long awaited day in court, on Monday, June 14th, which is also the date of the next Upland City Council Meeting. The wonderful residents of Upland are fighting back against the Goliath, that is none other than AMAZON! You may recall it was The Upland Report who first broke the story that Amazon was trying to build a massive distribution center on the corner of Historic Rt 66 (Foothill Blvd) & Benson Ave, in the middle of Upland.

After years of standing room only public hearings and massive resident protests, the planning commission and the last city council which included Ricky Felix and Debbie Stone, permitted the project anyway. The residents have never stopped fighting back ever and instead, they formed a non-profit called Upland Community First and sued the City of Upland. The matter now is in front of Complex Litigation Judge David Cohn in SB County Superior Court.

After more than a year of filings and pleadings, Judge Cohn will be rendering his decision on Monday, June 14th @ 1:30PM and The Upland Report will be there, so we can break his decision down for you. We love Judge Cohn for a multitude of reasons, like his decision that Upland giving away the city’s beloved 111-year old Fire Department to SB County, which resulted in an illegal tax affecting all Upland and San Antonio Heights property owners, was unconstitutional. Judge Cohn also ruled that Upland selling it’s public parkland without a vote by the residents, was also illegal!

But this Amazon decision we’re about to get on Monday morning, is as serious as a heart attack and it will either save the city hopefully, or allow Amazon to trample the quality of life of everyone in it. There are many factors that could cause Judge Cohn to pump the brakes on the Amazon train which has steam rolled the citizens and due process, such as, Distribution Centers & Shipping Terminals are NOT A PERMITTED USE under Upland’s Municipal Code.

However, my guess today would be that Judge Cohn has more than enough evidence masterfully laid out by Attorney Cory Briggs, who represents the Upland Community First Plaintiffs, that Amazon NEVER commissioned nor completed an Environmental Impact Report, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. If Cohn rules against Upland having permitted the project without a full-scale Environmental Impact Report having been done, ladies and gentleman, we have a fly as big and ugly as the one below, stuck in the ointment on the permitting process.

Allow me to explain what requiring an Environmental Impact Report will mean and how this might kill the pesky fly which is Amazon in Upland, forever. It will allow Upland’s New City Council, to reconsider the project and have every known negative impact spelled out for them in such minuet detail, that if I were Amazon, I’d run screaming from the site and from the City of Upland.

And keep running and screaming right down the road to Rancho, it appears! From the delicious details found in this brilliant article written by our friends at the Sentinel, we’ve just learned that Amazon is planning a shipping terminal TEN TIMES THE SIZE of what they were planning here. My hope is that it will get built right next to Former Upland City Manager Rosemary Hoerning’s house, where she will be inconvenienced each and every day by the countless known negative impacts because, that’s exactly what she was going to allow to happen to all of us. Girl Bye & Good Riddance!

Think about it, Councilmembers Janice Elliott, Shannan Maust and Carlos Garcia have already, “Put brakes on large warehouses and distribution centers,” earlier this year by way of adopting sweeping code changes to the Upland Municipal Code.

And since Amazon in Upland would be located on the literal boundary line of Maust & Garcia’s City Council Districts and Elliott has always been a HARD NO VOTE, who thinks if this new council gets to reconsider the project, it would still pass?

And that my friends, wraps up today’s report but be sure to check back Monday, to see if Upland residents were able to kick Amazon’s ass.

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