Supercar Scandal On Road To Bankruptcy Court! Upland School Board Gets Demand Letter To End At-Large Elections, While Council Adopts Election Map With At-Large Component! Plus, Shawn Betz’s Updates Too….

My God there’s never a dull moment in the City of Upland. In a matter of just a few days, we have HUGE UPDATES regarding the owner of the now defunct Supercar Dealership and….. The Upland School Board gets whacked with an imminent lawsuit demand letter if they don’t stop electing members at-large in citywide elections, just as the council votes to approve a redistricting map with an at-large component and…..The Shawn Betz’s missing person cold case is getting crazy hot publicity too. So, all you have to do is click “Read More” below to see the rest of this smoking hot report and….. You’re so welcome.

So my hubby had me walking all over a massive Supercar Show on Saturday for hours and it got to the point that I thought I’d need a mobility scooter, a Bloody Mary and a nap, to make it out of there. Just as I sat down under a shade tree to eat my kettle corn in peace, while trying to rally, literally in that moment I was notified about the massive bankruptcy filing belonging to the owner of Upland’s out of business, notorious supercar dealership.

As cool as the car show was, it didn’t hold a candle to the video below from our friends at Normal Guy Supercar.

Having been furnished a copy of the personal bankruptcy petition below, belonging to the owner of the out of business Supercar dealership, I’m speechless he is claiming his own dealership, as his personal creditor. He also claims the LLC Partnership that he was the managing member of, which owned the Supercar Showroom and land off the 210 Freeway, as his personal creditor too. Clearly as seen below, in my opinion, he is trying to get all the loans that he personally guaranteed discharged in this personal bankruptcy petition.

Let me just say, had my hubby consigned or bought a car from this dude and never received title or his money and he wasn’t named as a freaking creditor in the owner’s personal bankruptcy petition, I would be front and center at the upcoming creditor’s hearing. I would demand the trustee get an order from a federal judge declaring the business insolvent and involuntarily, force the business into bankruptcy too.

I don’t know how many of you watch the Bravo’s series being the Real Housewives Franchise, but it’s amazing that multiple cast member’s omissions and falsehoods contained in their Federal Bankruptcy Petitions, have resulted in indictments and their incarceration.

It seems that bankruptcy cases move along very quickly unlike superior court cases. I do believe that Bankruptcy Trustees get a percentage of the monies they recover on behalf of the creditors. If that’s true, then they have a HUGE financial incentive to look for every penny. To me, this just looks really bad, like all assets were sold and everything liquidated, prior to this personal bankruptcy filing. I feel like my head is going to explode.

We have confirmed the owner(s) of the dealership have sold their homes in San Antonio Heights, as well as, the building the dealership was housed in off the 210 Freeway. We’ve gotten so many messages and tips about the dealership’s massive Paycheck Protection Loan for $448,600.00 and their deal with the City of Upland which reimbursed them for the sales taxes they paid on the cars they sold, as part of an incentive package to bring the dealership to the city, etc.

You’re just not going to believe what victims like Matt in the video below, (who are NOT listed as creditors in the personal bankruptcy petition above), are still going through trying to register and get title to these cars.


I’ll confess I took a break from typing this to attempt the dance moves in the video above, repeatedly. How can anyone resist that lived through the eighties? Now for a little good news….. The Shawn Betz Missing Persons Cold Case is really getting some great publicity. Here’s an article by Steve Scauzillo in the Daily Bulletin and the YouTube Channel Crime Hound just published a great segment about Shawn below.

I pray the Betz family finally gets some answers, peace and justice. I want to thank Barbara, Pamela and Crystal Betz, for being so gracious to me and I wish I could give each of them a huge hug. No one reading this will ever forget Shawn and the Betz’s heartbreaking story. And special thanks to Upland resident Stephen Ondich, who made me and countless others aware of this story and prompted this media blitz.

In other news, the Upland School Board Members just got a very nasty and threatening legal letter demanding they stop having at-large citywide elections and instead, go to all district based voting. The legal demand arrived mere days before the city council adopted a redistricting map for themselves on February 14th, that also has an at-large election component. I’ve been trying to warn the council for weeks in these reports, about the at-large component in their own redistricting map, putting them in jeopardy of a costly legal challenge.

Truth be told, I’ve known about the school board situation for weeks now, so I knew this was coming. That’s because The Upland Report receives bonafide tips from our vast readership which are always vetted before they are published. We appreciate those that write in tremendously and no one’s name is published here, without their expressed consent.

With Upland’s 43% Hispanic population and with no Hispanics having been able to win an at-large election for city council in recent history going back over 28 years, the city council can’t legally defend its own at-large election component and it would cost taxpayer’s a fortune, if they had to or tried. The data is so bad in fact for the last three decades, showing that when Hispanics have run at-large for city council, they’ve either come in dead last, or second to last every time.

And now with outside law firms actively examining Upland’s past at-large election results in order to prove polarization because the school board is about to get sued over having at-large voting, I would have loved for the council to have been proactive by converting their at-large seat into a 5th district. I mean smacking the bear in the butt when he’s smelling around town rummaging and looking for low hanging fruit with his friends, seems to be an act of provocation to me.

So that’s all the tea I have to spill for you today. I hope each of you has a fabulous week and a romantic Valentine’s Day with your honey. If you have no honey than take your money and treat yourself because you’re a prize just walking around town solo.

Thanks for reading and make it a great day my friends. If you have a comment, question, tip or suggestion, please use the contact form below. Cheers


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