Chief Goodman Strikes Back, Serving Council With An 8 Page Explosive Letter From His Attorney! Citizens Rally Starts At 2 PM, To Show Support For The Chief Before Council Goes Into Closed Session At 2:30 PM!

Chief Darren Goodman just flipped the script and gave the public a peek, at the beyond hostile conditions he been forced to work under because of Upland’s existing Mayor and the cronyism dripping off her. At this point, The Upland Report and nearly every resident I know, is calling for Mayor Debbie Stone’s resignation! The Upland Report is proud to publish the chief’s legal letter in it’s entirety, so you can make your own judgement call after reading every word of the explosive document. If you are able, please attend the rally to support the chief in front of Upland City Hall located at 406 N Euclid Ave, which starts at 2 PM. The city council will be meeting in closed session starting at 2:30 PM, to presumably discuss the chief’s shot across the bow. To see the Chief’s letter delivered to city council yesterday, all you have to do is click the link below.

Please attend the rally at 2 PM to support Chief Darren Goodman’s bravery and his dutiful service to the resident’s of CorrUpland! If you can’t attend you can watch the rally live at the link, HERE. 

Goodman link

I am so appalled and outraged by the contents of the letter below, I can not express myself this morning with out being obscene. Knowing the cast of characters like I do and having had run-ins with several of them myself, I believe every word in this letter is true. The chief is only defending himself, from a vein of cronyism in this city that is insidious. I understand why the chief has made this letter public and I commend him for it. To end this era of systemic corruption it must be exposed. For that same purpose I started The Upland Report when I realized how deep the rabbit hole goes, which is back to an era where Upland was and still is, run by a good ole boys network of thugs, in my opinion. Without further ado, I’ll let the Chief’s legal letter below speak for itself.

Click to access goodman-legal-letter-to-city-council.pdf

Please Attend The Rally Today To Support Chief Goodman At 2PM At 406 N Euclid Ave At Upland City Hall!

If you can’t attend you can watch the rally live at the link, HERE. 


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